Level Up Your Game

The Dygma Raise is the fully-programmable ergonomic mechanical keyboard designed to enhance performance, health, and comfort.

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Health & Performance

Split the keyboard to reduce the stress
in your hands, shoulders and wrists.

Maximize Your Thumbs

Configure the 8-bar to increase
your typing and gaming speed.
Avoid useless and potentially
harmfull movements.

Bring Your Gameplay And Workflow
To The Next Level With Bazecor

Remap any key in 10 fully configurable layouts to enhance
your workflow and gaming.
Optimize them even further with dual-function keys, combo keys
and macros. Move your fingers less yet accomplish more!
Share your layers and see what other users have created
with Bazecor, our open-source software.

Learn more about Bazecor >

Speed And Precision

Choose between 6 different high-end
mechanical switches and hot-swap
them on the fly!

Superior Built Quality

  • Double-coated anodized aluminium case
  • Detachable and washable palm pads
  • Braided USB-C Cables
  • PBT keycaps

Many esports professionals, coders, or designers experience physical discomfort and injuries from continuous computer usage. We want to change that by creating peripherals designed to enhance performance, health, and comfort.
Luis “Deilor” Sevilla, Dygma’s CEO & Founder
2 times LEC champion as Fnatic’s Lol Head Coach

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Make it your own

Choose between 7 languages, 6 mechanical switches,
and matte black or silver-white.
With your order we will include a travel case,
cleaning kit and extra goodies!
Starting at $299

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2-YEAR Warranty

30-DAY returns