Create. Code. Game. Repeat.

Wireless ergonomic split keyboards to boost your performance in comfort.

Dygma Defy

Wireless split columnar keyboard for maximum ergonomics

Dygma Raise 2

Wireless detachable keyboard for productivity and gaming





Take your coding to God mode.

Take ctrl of your workflow with Bazecor. Customize your spilt keyboard with multiple layers, be the master of shortcuts thanks to superkeys, and use macros to write whole sentences with a tap of a button.
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Split your foes in style

Enjoy more space, more actions, and less pain thanks to our split keyboard. Straighten your shoulders and your aim, spawn powerful superkeys for rapid RPG maneuvers or crank down your gaming chair and enjoy a cozy session in cloud comfort.
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Your keyboard, your palette

Turn your split keyboard into a huge macro pad for your software and say goodbye to twisting your fingers to press impossible shortcuts. Split the keyboard in half and place your tablet in the middle for an unbeatable modern workflow.
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Writing is hard.
Typing shouldn’t be

Type comfortably with your wrists and shoulders in the most natural position. Help yourself out and edit faster than ever, thanks to a fully programmable split keyboard with custom layouts, macros, shortcuts, and extra keys for your thumb.
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Why choose Dygma?

We are you
We’re programmers, gamers, writers, designers, video editors… longing for tools that help us improve our performance and comfort. We got tired of waiting for someone to make them, so we did it ourselves 😅
You are us
Every company loves to say it’s customer-centric, but we prefer to think that we are community-centric. It’s much more than listening to your feedback or about honesty and transparency. For us, you are part of Dygma, at the core of every decision we make.

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User stories

What's it like using a
Dygma keyboard?

From console gamer to E-Sports champion
Riccardo - Pro PUBG player

In competitive esports, every second can make the difference between winning and losing. Any feature that will make a player faster will give them an advantage.

Follow Ricardo’s story as he masters the ESL Berlin tournament with the help of the Dygma Raise.

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A developer’s dream keyboard
Massimiliano & Nazmul

Different programming languages have different ways to space words, add new lines, or delete. So the traditional layout may not be optimal.

Read how expert developers used their ergonomic keyboards to improve their workflow and comfort.

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