Painless productivity for your team

Ergonomic programmable keyboards to boost your team's performance in comfort




Take your coding to God mode.

Take ctrl of your workflow by customizing your split keyboard with multiple layers, be the master of shortcuts thanks to superkeys, and use macros to write commands with a tap of a button.

Your keyboard, your palette

Turn your split keyboard into a huge macro pad for your software and say goodbye to twisting your fingers to press impossible shortcuts. Split the keyboard in half and place your tablet in the middle for an unbeatable modern workflow.

Writing is hard.
Typing shouldn’t be

Make long reports a breeze with your wrists and shoulders in the most natural position. Help yourself out and type and edit faster than ever, thanks to a fully programmable split keyboard with custom layouts, macros, shortcuts, and extra keys for your thumb.

A keyboard for every need...

Dygma Raise 2

A detachable keyboard to get you up and running in no time. The perfect gateway to programmable ergo keyboards.

Dygma Defy

A split columnar keyboard for maximum comfort. An ergonomic marvel designed for power users.

...and a layer for every task

Create up to 10 customized layers to make the task at hand a walk in the park. Coding, 3D modeling, video editing, text, spreadsheets... you name it.
10 layers
8 thumbkeys
  • Tenting up to 60º

    Tenting lets your hands rest in a more natural position, enhancing comfort for long typing, editing, or gaming sessions.

  • Palm rests and palm pads

    Our magnetic premium palm pads will keep your wrists comfortable and help prevent wrist extension injuries.

  • Extra thumbkeys

    Now your strongest fingers are in charge, helping you improve your productivity and reduce pinkie usage. You can use the thumb keys for space, enter, backspace, ctrl, alt, delete… or to easily access your layers!

Wired and wireless connectivity

Do you want Bluetooth connectivity with man-in-the-middle protection? We got you.
Do you prefer low-latency RF? We also got you.
Would you rather have your keyboard wired? We still got you.

You can get our keyboards wireless or wired, and the wireless models will also work wired.

Open-source configurator software

Our configurator software allows for almost any customization you can imagine. It's available for Linux, Mac and even Windows.

And you don't need to have it running in the background; your configuration is saved on the keyboard.

10 Layers
Remap any key
Combo Keys
Dual-function Keys
Mouse Control
10 Layers
Remap any key
Combo Keys
Dual-function Keys
Mouse Control

Dedicated customer support

Do you need help deciding which keyboard is best for your team? Would you like a coaching session to maximize the customization options? Do you want our team to design a layer for your specific needs?

We are just a call, chat or email away!

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What's it like using a
Dygma keyboard?

A keyboard that changes lives
Ryan, Massimiliano & Wolbeas

Would you believe that on this day, over 9000 people all over the world are proud owners of a Dygma Raise? 😯

With so many people on board, it's got to be onto something, so we asked some of them to share their experiences with their beloved Raise.

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A developer’s dream keyboard
Massimiliano & Nazmul

Different programming languages have different ways to space words, add new lines, or delete. So the traditional layout may not be optimal.

Read how expert developers used their ergonomic keyboards to improve their workflow and comfort

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We are you
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You are us
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