Body, Mind and Technology

A paradigm shift to improve people's lives

  • Our mission

    Our goal is to create a paradigm shift in the industry. Big brands are focused in making money instead of creating products that benefit their users. We are here to change that.

  • Our vision

    We want to improve people’s lives through innovation, creating solutions for better performance, health, and comfort. Bring mind, body, and technology together.

  • Our values

    We are a community-centered, honest and open company with really high standards. We build high-quality products with our customers constantly in mind.

Our Story

The origins

When a coach wins two championships and brings the team to their highest peak of performance, no one expects him to retire and risk everything to create something for the community.

This is what Luis "Deilor" Sevilla did.

Back in 2016, after winning his second LEC split, he quit his coaching role and started a project: Create the world's most advanced mechanical gaming keyboard, designed to enhance performance, health, and comfort.

In January 2017, we launched our first prototype: The Shortcut.

The early days

Shortcut ergonomic keyboard


It was not a mass scale launch, we manufactured about 50 prototypes and shipped them for testing, this was our first first-hand experience with the users.

Interacting with our testers was an eye-opening experience. We learned a lot, especially about what customers wanted. That's how we found that the Shortcut was not optimal as our first product.

The shortcut was great, it was a massive improvement over a classic keyboard. It only had one problem: the learning curve was too steep for new users.

A crucial choice had to be made: stick to a good product that might not succeed or restart the process.

After many deliberations, we went with option B. We kept the shortcut for future projects and proceeded to develop a different keyboard: The Raise.

The Dygma Era

Dygma Raise split ergonomic keyboard first prototype

Launching our first product was very exciting. But it also meant a new set of challenges.

The first one was getting validation from the community

We created a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and it was a great success! Not only were we able to surpass our target but we also validated the Raise with our customers. Thanks to their feedback, we were able to improve the Raise even further.

The second challenge was the most arduous — manufacturing.

Big-scale manufacturing is a much more complicated task than designing and building a prototype. Dealing with numerous suppliers who had different agendas meant that we were met with countless delays. But all the hard work paid off when we finally manufactured our first batch, which was shipped in December 2019.

Dygma Raise first batch delivery

After that first batch came a second one, which was sent in mid 2020, and now we have always stock ready for anyone who wants to change the way they game, type, code or create.

The third challenge was fulfilling all orders worldwide. Finding the right courier was crucial, and thanks to the many lessons we've learned, we are now able to ship products in less than 5 days to anywhere in the world.

Split ergonomic keyboard setup

  • Luis Sevilla

    Luis Sevilla

    Founder & CEO

  • Manel Senís

    Manel Senís

    Lead Product Designer

  • Jairo Pascual

    Jairo Pascual

    Business Operations and Logistics

  • Alex Parcet

    Full-stack Developer

  • Christian Scheerbarth

    Christian Scheerbarth

    Customer Happiness

  • Jose Cunyat

    Jose Cunyat

    Product Designer

  • Stefan Wegmann

    Stefan Wegmann

    Electronic Engineer

  • Boro Feliu

    Boro Feliu

    Copywriter and Head of community

  • Miquel Corbí

    Miquel Corbí

    Head of Content

  • Chris Gollop

    Marketing Specialist

  • Thiago Hernández

    Thiago Hernández

    UI & UX Developer

  • Julian Vallejos

    Julián Vallejos


  • Continue making awesome keyboards

    We consider the Raise the perfect gateway to ergonomic keyboards, but we don't want to stop there. So expect new awesome keyboards soon.

  • Improve the ergonomics of the workstation

    Paradigm" and "shift" are big words, so we want to back them up with big actions. Piece by piece, we intend to redefine the concept of the workstation as a whole.

  • Stick to our gaming roots

    Gaming is always going to be part of what we are as a company, and we will always keep an eye on it. Not everything is working, so expect some of our projects to go in that direction too.

dygma raise split keyboard

Create your Raise

Matte black or silver white

6 languages

8 different mechanical switches

Compact travel case and enhancement kit

Free express worldwide shipping

2-year warranty

30-day return

  • “I love this keyboard. I wanted a more comfortable typing experience and I haven't been disappointed.”

    Ergonomic keyboard reviewer - SBstapley
    SBStapley Youtube
  • “It's truly a breath of fresh air for a tech product. Highly customizable, modular, and with an open-source software.”

    Ergonomic keyboard reviewer - jonkori
    Jonikori Twitter
  • "I was skeptical at first, but this is endgame for me. I had no idea normal keyboards were hurting my shoulder."

    Ergonomic keyboard reviewer - meatsweats
    Meatsweats Twitter
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