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Travel Case

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A practical travel case where you can transport the Dygma Raise keyboard and all its cables and accessories. It can also carry the Raise with the Tenting Kit attached.

This item only includes the Travel Case. The products inside the Travel case aren't included. They are in the picture only to show its function.

Dimensions: 35.5cm x 24cm x 4.8cm

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A practical travel case

dygma raise travel case

The Dyma Raise comes in a custom-made Travel case. It is hardened, compact, and has plenty of space to store your keyboard, the Neuron, and all the cables.

The Case has evolved through several iterations. Our first version was too big to fit backpacks and bags. We made it smaller by removing the handle and optimizing the inside capacity.

The result is a practical yet elegant Travel case. It will help you to safely move your Raise between home and work.