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Braided and flexible USB cables to connect the Dygma Raise keyboard to the computer. We offer different lengths and connectors for your convenience.

Available in black or silver to combine perfectly with the Raise. 

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Braided USB cables

Connecting all the parts of the Raise there are some very special guys, our cables. They are all braided and flexible and produce a satisfying "click" whenever connected to each piece of the Raise.

The set that comes with the Raise consists of two 20 cm USB-C to USB-C cables which connect each half of the keyboard to the neuron. Then there’s a 1.5 m USB-A to USB-C which connects the Neuron to the computer. We also provide one extra 50 cm USB-C to USB-C, perfect for those who want to set the Raise wider apart.

However, you can buy each cable separately if you want.