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the most advanced wireless split keyboard.
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Dygma Defy - Split keyboard
Dygma Defy - Split keyboard

Designed to mimic the natural stance of your hands

Your body will be at ease with a split columnar design that lets your hands rest in a natural position.

No more strain on your wrists and fingers; or slouching on the table. You'll sit straight without effort with our wireless split keyboard.


Be more productive!

Re-map any key and create custom, quick-access layers to speed up your workflow. Re-locate frequently used keys to the ergonomic thumb cluster for maximum efficiency.
+10 layers
16 thumbkeys
Integrated tenting up to 60º

Elevate your typing

Tenting lets your hands rest in a more natural position, enhancing comfort for long typing, editing, or gaming sessions.
Positive tenting
Drag me
16 thumbkeys

Free your pinkie

Now your strongest fingers are in charge, helping you improve your productivity and reduce pinky usage.

You can use the thumb keys for space, enter, backspace, ctrl, alt, delete… or to easily access your layers!

Wireless Connectivity up to 5 devices

Clear your desk and mind.

Get rid of the cables, but keep the speed. The Dygma Defy is the first columnar split wireless keyboard that can be used with BT up to 5 devices and RF for competitive low-latency.



USB 3.0

RGBW Backlight & Underglow

Use the light

Increase your performance by highlighting specific keys with precise per-key RGBW backlight. Plus, with the optional ultra-bright RGBW underglow, you'll know which layer you're on just by its reflection. And it makes this wireless split keyboard look sexy AF.
Premium build quality

Crafted for high performers

Elegantly designed with high-end materials, the Defy is built for a deluxe, long-lasting experience.
With a 2 year warranty and full rights to repair.

ABS Keycaps


Individually Functional

Top Panel Metal




Palm Pads


RGBW Underglow

Multiplatform configuration software

Make it your own

No two of us are identical, so why should our keyboards be all the same?

Our configurator software allows for almost any customization you can imagine. Make your wireless split keyboard your own with layers, macros, combo keys and much more thanks to its intuitive interface.

+10 Layers
Remap any key
Combo Keys
Dual-function Keys
Mouse Control
+10 Layers
Remap any key
Combo Keys
Dual-function Keys
Mouse Control

Travel in
defiant style

Every Dygma Defy comes with a luxurious travel case where you can safely carry your wireless split keyboard and cables. Take your ergonomic setup all around the world!

Available in Black and Silver

Hot-swappable sockets

Switch it up

Enjoy the perfect experience, even if your taste and preferences change with time. The Dygma Defy is a hot-swappable wireless split keyboard, so you can easily replace your switches.
Dygma Defy dimensions
Dygma Defy dimensions
Dygma Defy dimensions
62x mechanical switches and 8x low-profile mechanical switches.
Hot-swap Sockets
62x hot-swap sockets for Mx switches and 8x Kailh hot-swap sockets for Choc switches.
70 individually addressable RGBW LEDs on the keycaps and 110 on the underglow.
NKRO. No matter how many keys you want to smash at once, any keypress will be recorded.
High-end laser-etched ABS Cherry profile keycaps.
USB, Bluetooth, Low-latency RF.
Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS & Android.
Key plate
Anodized aluminum.
Keyscanner Microcontroller
2x RP2040 (1 on each side).
RF Gateway Microcontroller
2x Nordic nRF52820 (1 on each side).
Neuron Microcontroller
Nordic nRF52833 (wireless), Nordic RP2040 (wired).
LEDs Microcontroller
Sonix Sled 1735
164.16mm x 210.02mm x 35.36mm.
1kg approx.
Dygma Defy Keyboard

Dygma Defy Keyboard

Valued at $29
Dygma Defy Keyboard
1x Keycap and switch puller
140x O-rings (Thick & Thin)
8x Test switches
1x Microfiber cloth
1x Crap remover

Enhancement kit

Valued at $59
Travel Case - Open
Travel Case - Black

Travel Case



Valued at $35
Set of Palm Pads

Set of Palm Pads

Dygma Defy Cables
1x 1.5m USB-C to USB-C Cable
1x 50cm USB-C to USB-C Cable
2x 30cm USB-C to USB-C Cable
1x USB-C to USB-A Adaptor


FAQs 11

Up to 3 devices, and you’ll be able to switch between them easily.
Yes. Per-key RGBW comes as standard, even if you don't select the underglow add-on. The underglow is the RGBW strip that surrounds the base of the keyboard.
Yes, the wireless Dygma Defy will also work with cabes.
Each side has a 2370 mAh battery, so it's 4740 mAh total. With the current firmware, the Defy lasts up to 20 hours with full LED brightness. With brightness at 30%, you can expect a week, and without LEDs, a bit over that. However, we are working to vastly improve that with future firmware updates. You can also configure different brightness settings for the LED lights, so you can adjust battery consumption.
In Bluetooth mode, the range is about 10 meters. In RF is way larger, more than 20, but our facilities are not large enough to test it much further 😅
The base of the keyboard is quite different depending on your configuration, so it's not possible to install add-ons afterward.
Yes. The Dygma Defy is hot-swappable, meaning you can use any 3-pin or 5-pin switch with an MX stem (which are most of them).
Yes, you can. The software is only required to make changes to the layout. Once those are made, they are stored in the Neuron, that way you can enjoy them in any computer you use.
Yes, our configurator software is compatible with macOS, Linux and even Windows.
Yes, you can. Just make sure that they are MX stem compatible (most of them are). However, note that the Dygma Defy thumbkeys are custom-made, so you won't find custom keycaps for those.
The palm pads are made of silicone with a vegan leather cover. They are held in place with magnets, so it's safe to remove and clean them with water.

Create your

Dygma Defy

9 different
mechanical switches
Travel case & Enhancement kit

2-year warranty

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30-day return

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Free 5-day worldwide shippping

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