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  • Everything comes together to make such a wonderful product that ticks all the boxes

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  • "I love how much thought has gone into the design to make it so feature-rich and ergonomic"

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  • “It's the whole package: wireless, tenting, thumb clusters. And it's just gorgeous looking, love it.”

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Hi, Productivity!
Goodbye, Discomfort!

Improve your health and performance with a split, programmable ergonomic keyboard

Type seamlessly with a columnar layout

Our fingers are not all the same length, so why should we place them all in the same row on the keyboard?

A columnar layout helps reduce finger travel and feels more natural.

Split keyboard

Save your wrists with a split design

A split keyboard allows you to place your hands aligned with your forearms, reducing strain on your wrists.

This also pushes your elbows to the side of your body, allowing you to open your chest and straighten your shoulders and back. Keeping a good posture is easier than ever.

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Ultimate ergonomics with tenting up to 60º

Tenting lets your hands rest in a more natural position, enhancing comfort for long typing, editing, or gaming sessions.

The Dygma Defy has a sturdy tenting solution that's built in the body and offers 9 different positions from 0 to 60º. It also has two reverse tilting angles: 4º and 8º.

Less cables, more speed

The Dygma Defy is the first columnar keyboard to offer the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity with up to 3 devices and RF for competitive low-latency.

Peak performance with 8-key thumb clusters

Now your strongest fingers are in charge, helping you improve your productivity and reduce pinky usage.

You can use the thumb keys for space, enter, backspace, ctrl, alt, delete… or to easily access your layers!

More precise colors with RGBW

Increase your performance by highlighting specific keys with precise per-key RGBW backlight

Plus, with the optional ultra-bright RGBW underglow, you'll know which layer you're on just by its reflection. And it makes the keyboard look sexy AF.

Improve your workflow with a programmable keyboard

Effortlessly make changes to your keyboard thanks to our open-source configurator software.

With power-ups like combos, macros, dual-function keys, and superkeys, you’ll be able to reduce finger movement and speed up your workflow in no time.

Palm pads keyboard

Work comfortably with wrist-saving palm pads

The Dygma Defy has built-in palm rests and detachable palm pads, letting your wrists rest at a neutral angle.

The palm pads are easy to clean and made of a special compact foam that becomes soft under pressure.They are held in place by an array of hidden magnets.

Hot-swappable keyboard

Change your switches when you feel like it

The Dygma Defy is hot-swappable, which means you can change your switches anytime you want.

That’s practical if you want to try new ones, but also if any one of them goes rogue.

Customize it to your liking

The Dygma Defy has an anodized aluminum body available in black, silver and an assortment of colors you can combine with white and black keycaps in different languages.

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