Layer tournament: ready to win a keyboard?

Dygma layers tournament

Hello, Dygmates!!

You know that we love creating valuable content for you and that we want you to have all the possible resources to enjoy our keebs to the fullest. We think that you are going to LOVE what we have been working on 😉

We are developing a layers repository where you can share your layers and check and download layers from other users. To ensure the platform has enough layers at launch, we've prepared a simple form where you can submit your layers.

To add a little pizzazz, we'll celebrate a tournament amongst the submissions. However, you can also submit your layer without participating; that is optional.

In this weeks' video we talk about all this, paying special attention to the benefits that great layers have in our daily life 😍

The tournament: are you in?

We hope you are as hyped as we are with all this; the participation proccess is straightforward. We just need:

  • Name or nickname
  • Screenshot of the layer
  • Json of the layer (you can export it directly from the layout editor on Bazecor, you can see how on the image below)
  • A short explanation of why your layer rocks
  • Your email if you want to participate in the contest

    If you don't have a Dygma keyboard, don't worry at all! You can download Bazecor and still create your layer; the software will work the same 😉

    Among all the submissions, we'll select 16 candidates to participate in a voting tournament to win a Dygma keyboard of your choice and other cool prizes.

    The finalist will win a 100 USD voucher for our shop, and we will give away five 50 USD vouchers among all participants!

    Just head over to to check the details and submit your layer.

    The deadline is Thursday, July 11th and the tournament will be held at our Discord between July 16th and July 22nd! The winners will be announced on the 25th!

    We're looking forward to seeing what cool layers you come up with!

    As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us on Reddit or Discord.

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