Evolve your game

The first wireless gaming ergonomic keyboard

Powerful Wireless Connnectivity

Get rid of the cables, keep the speed. Connect the Raise to up to 5 devices via Bluetooth or use RF for competitive low-latency.

Integrated Tenting up to 60°

Rest your hands in a more natural position, enhancing comfort for long typing, editing, or gaming sessions. And then fold it for easy transport.
Image of the Raise 2 tilted displaying tenting

Expansion ready

Customize and upgrade your Dygma Raise by connecting powerful add-ons that we're developing to transform your ergonomic experience.

Image of POGO pins Raise 2 add on feature


No two of us are identical, so why should our keyboards be all the same?

Our configurator software allows for almost any customization you can imagine. Make your keyboard your own with layers, macros, combo keys and much more thanks to its intuitive interface.

Image of Raise 2 Bazecor layers

Premium Magnetic Palm Pads

Our magnetic premium palm pads will keep your wrists clouded in comfort and prevent wrist extension injuries.

RGBW Backlight & Underglow

Increase your performance by highlighting specific keys with precise per-key RGBW backlight. Plus, with the optional ultra-bright RGBW underglow, you'll know which layer you're on just by its reflection.

Iconic Thumbcluster Design

Now your strongest fingers are in charge, helping you improve your productivity and reduce pinky usage. You can use the thumb keys for space, enter, backspace, ctrl, alt, delete… or to easily access your layers!