Second batch of Raise keyboards, updates on the tenting

Second batch of Raise keyboards, updates on the tenting

Hello everyone,

A little heads up, if you haven’t noticed it yet, we removed the 10% discount in the price of the Dygma Raise.

That price should have been changed weeks ago, but we had some technical issues with our website and were unable to change it right away. As a result, there were many lucky Raisers who were still able to avail of the 10% discount! 😉

Now that we’re already selling normal orders, the price of the Raise was changed to its original price from the pre-order price.

  • $296 for Kailh switches
  • $321 for Cherry MX switches


One good news though is that we are including the travel case as part of every purchase of a Dygma Raise. Yey! 💃💼

One of our DVT testers, Karl Sabo, loved the case so much that he asked us if we could include it in all orders and not just as a gift to the backers. Thanks for being so thoughtful Karl!

Initially, we wanted this to be a gift to our backers, but after getting so many emails from people saying how much they loved the case, we decided to include it for future orders.

You can also order a Raise travel case separately for $40. Available soon!

However, we will be running out of stock really soon!

To our very delightful surprise, we have been selling more keyboards than expected. It’s safe to say that much of this is thanks to everyone who had shared images and videos of their Raise keyboards, and also to those of you who recommended the Raise to their family and friends. Thanks for helping us grow the Dygma community! ❤️

Consequently, we no longer have available stock of the black and silver Raise ISO keyboards. This includes the UK English, German, Spanish, French, Nordic, and Japanese keycaps.

We only have stock of the black and silver ANSI keyboards with US English keycaps.

So if you’ve been thinking of getting another Dygma Raise, now is the time to buy! We will be completely out of stock in less than 2 weeks!

As soon as we are out of stock, we will be back to accepting pre-orders for the second batch.

The price for the second batch pre-orders will have the same 10% discount. But this time, more goodies will be included! 😉

Second batch of mass production

We are already working on getting the second batch of Raise keyboards manufactured. We have been constantly talking with our suppliers in China and asking them how they and their families have been with regards to the unfortunate outbreak of the COVID-19.

Thankfully, everyone is all right and all factories have been opened to start operations.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused some delays in production and has increased our manufacturing costs because of the lack of components. At the same time, to ensure that the Raise’s quality meets our standards, we have decided to change some of our suppliers.

There will also be more cool stuff included in the second batch of Raise keyboards. We’ll talk about that in the next update!

We are hoping to have the second batch finished by June. So if you don’t grab your Raise asap, you’ll have to wait another 3 months! 

Order a Raise now here.


In one of our last updates, we talked about the 3 design concepts we’ve been working on with the tenting.

We are currently developing the 3rd concept, which involves the metal slates.

There are 3 important characteristics that are required for the tenting solution. They are stability, aesthetics, and functionality.

In the first and second concept, we felt that the stability and the aesthetic requirements weren’t achieved.

In the third concept, we found that the tenting is more stable. We also prefer how it looks! The design blends well with the shape of the Raise.

This tenting kit will be made of aluminum. It will have the same finishing as the body of the Raise. It will also have round edges.

In this version, the user would need to carefully unscrew some screws on the base and screw in the tenting component onto the base. We are also working on a solution that won’t require any screws. We will keep you posted if we have more development!

This design will allow us to have an angle between 5°-20°.


Dygma Raise mentioned in a cool podcast

A few weeks ago, the Dygma Raise was mentioned in Cortex Podcast.

One of the speakers in the podcast, Myke Hurley, recently purchased a Dygma Raise and talked about it in this episode.

“It is really everything that I was looking for in a keyboard.”

We were super thrilled to hear that the Raise’s popularity has gained a lot of traction over the last months. If you hear any mention of the Raise in other podcasts, please tell us!

If you want to listen to the entire episode, head over here.

Dygma Raise Reviews

One of the countries where we have a considerable size of a community is Japan.

We are planning to start a crowdfunding campaign in Japan this year. So all of this hype in the Japanese market is really what we need!

We’ve had a few Japanese backers writing articles and creating videos of their reviews of the Raise.

This is another Raise review that has caught our attention. If you don’t speak the language, you can always translate it to English (or to whatever language Google has set for you) 😊

Another review we stumbled upon is one that was written by one of our recent customers. He posted his thoughts about his new Raise on the mechanical keyboards subreddit.

Thank you to all those who have made their reviews about the Raise online!

We truly appreciate everyone’s feedback and we will continue to work on improving the quality of the Raise and also its software, Bazecor.


- Dygma Team


Choose the color, switches and keycaps that fit your needs.



Starting at $296.







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