Updates on shipping, Limited Deilor Edition keyboards, and tenting.

Updates on shipping, Limited Deilor Edition keyboards, and tenting.

95% Pre Orders Sent!

After almost 2 months since we started shipment, we’re happy to say that more than 95% of all pre-orders have been sent! Woohoo!

Now we are preparing the orders made this year.

By the 3rd week of Feb, we are expecting to ship all orders made this year. From that point on, our goal is to be sending orders 2 working days after the date of purchase  👊

Limited Deilor Edition Keyboards

Part of the 5% of orders that haven’t been shipped yet are the Limited Deilor Edition keyboards.  We have been giving a lot of attention to these keyboards because we want them to be special.

We had a handful of people who ordered the Limited Edition keyboards. These keyboards have a different aluminum color and they have an engraving on the metal top panel.

We are very happy with the outcome of the engravings. 

However, although all keyboards have already been engraved, they have been delayed because of the mylar pieces.

We really wanted to make the Limited Deilor Edition Keyboards special. Not only are their top panels colored but also the base.

We were waiting for the mylar designs to come from China but because of the unfortunate situation that is happening there, our partners had not yet been able to go back to work.

Our Chinese partners and their families are all safe and well.

To move forward with the keyboards, we decided to find another supplier here in Valencia, Spain, and work with them to finalize the mylar pieces of the keyboards.

We are hoping to get them all done by mid-February and send them in 2 weeks’ time.

Bazecor update

We have made the version updates for Bazecor.

We’ve been stuck for 2 weeks with this update because of a bug in the Firmware update process. We had technical issues creating the executables for all the operating systems.

But we are working on it and we hope that we can release Bazecor v0.2 soon.

If you want to know what is included in the next update, you can head over to our Trello Development board and check out the Reviewed Column. All the items there are part of the next version 😊


We are still in the concept stage of the tenting solution. We have been making handmade sketches, simple 3D drawings, and 3D printing prototyping them one at a time.

The idea for this tenting kit is that it will be attached to the base of the Raise.

The first tenting concept is an adjustable metal bar with three different angles.

The second tenting concept involves adjustable metal feet. We know this solution works but we want to explore more ideas.

The third concept involves metal slates.

This was inspired by one of our users who posted this photo on Reddit.

In his setup, he uses magnetic bookends. This design inspired us to make the third design concept.

We already have the 3D drawings ready and we will be prototyping it next week.

The three main attributes we want for this device are the stability, the functionalities, and the aesthetics. We are looking for a balance between these three things.


Here are other cool tenting solutions that users have sent over to us.

What do you guys think? Any feedback is highly appreciated!

And that’s all for today’s update. Thank you so much for reading!

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