We made it! Our new ortholinear keyboard is here 🙌

We made it! Our new ortholinear keyboard is here 🙌

During the last few months, you’ve been giving us “hints” that you wanted us to make an ortholinear keyboard.

But lately, you have become a bit more impatient and straightforward, to a point where we were afraid to walk alone at night 🤣

Jokes aside, the truth is that ever since we designed the Dygma Raise, we knew that we would eventually make an ortholinear keyboard.

We like to think of the Raise as a gateway to keyboard ergonomics—the first stage in what we call The Ergonomic Journey.

It’s pretty easy to start using it thanks to its conventional layout and the optional split. And then, with time, you split it further apart and start using more the thumb keys and layers, until you find your ideal configuration.

But once your body has experienced the ergonomic benefits you want MORE.

And that's where tenting your keyboard or trying an ortholinear layout comes in.

We launched a tenting kit for the Dygma Raise this year, but that didn’t seem to calm your thirst for an ortholinear keyboard. And it makes sense, analyzing MANY keyboards, we reached the conclusion that none of them ticked all the boxes.

So we made one ourselves.

Our new ortholinear keyboard

We worked really hard to include all the features we ever wanted in an ergonomic split ortholinear keyboard. It was not easy, but we’re really proud of what we accomplished. Our new keyboard has:

  • Split design and ortholinear layout (duh!)
  • Wireless connectivity with fully independent halves
  • Easy to reach 8-key thumb clusters
  • A built-in tenting solution up to 60º and reverse tilting
  • Ultrabright, per-key RGB and underglow
  • And of course, our usual
    • Integrated palm rests and detachable palm pads.
    • Hot-swappable
    • Fully programmable layers and open-source firmware
    • Double-coated anodize aluminum body
    • Available in black and silver

Well, what do you think? Isn’t it worthy of a “shut up and take my money”?



But before you start pulling up your wallets, let’s answer one last important question: when will it be available?

Well, as you’ve seen, we already have the prototype ready, but that’s just the first step. We are launching a crowdfunding campaign in spring, and we will start production right afterward. Our plan is to begin shipping in late summer or early fall.

So, if you don’t want to miss those sweet early-bird deals, join our Kickstarter newsletter to be the first to know about everything.

During the weeks to come, we will go into much more detail about all the features of our new ortholinear keyboard. Such as the development story behind the new tenting system, the amazing underglow, or the crazy-looking thumb cluster.

Until then, take care!

Dygma ortholinear keyboard

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