Feel better & work better

Working or gaming long hours in front of the computer can be exhausting, specially if you’re not comfortable at your desk. A split ergonomic keyboard and some guidance can help a lot.

Ergonomic keyboard perfect posture

Find your perfect posture

The position of your hands determines your posture. With your hands together on a regular keyboard, you're more prone to slouch.

Thanks to the split design, you'll be able to sit with your wrists aligned with your forearms. That way, your elbows will rest comfortably and you'll be able to sit with your back straight.

Ergonomic keyboard palm pads

Use the palm pads to avoid wrist extension

Wrist extension happens when your stretch your wrists vertically, usually when the keyboard has a big slope or high profiled body.

To prevent those problems, The Raise is a low-profile keyboard with palm rests and palm pads.

Your thumbs are capable of so much more

Why use two thumbs for one massive key? Use the 8 extra thumbkeys to relocate high-frequency keys like Backspace, Enter, Shift, or Control. This will greatly reduce hand movement.

Chair and monitor height ergonomic setup

Adjust your chair and monitor's height

Set your chair at a height where your elbows are slightly above your desk while your feet rest on the ground.

The monitor must be placed at the height of your eyes or a little bit below.

Configure your layers

Having your most used keys and shortcuts at your fingertips will help you do more just with your keyboard, reducing unnecessary movements to reach the mouse or to perform weird key combos.

By moving keys like Enter, Backspace, Shift or Control to your thumbkeys, you can reduce the use of the pinkies. Your hands and your performance will feel it.
Reduce pinky usage with an ergonomic keyboard
Mouse placement in an ergonomic split keyboard

Place your mouse in the middle for extra comfort

Working on large surfaces leads to postural problems, due to inconvenient turns and stretches to reach your mouse.

If you detach the keyboard, you can place anything you need between the halves, reducing hand and body movement.

Use a tenting kit to level up your ergonomics

Tenting helps improve posture, reduces wrist pain and makes it easier to keep your back straight.

Need help with ergonomics?

Head over to our help center or contact us if you don’t find a solution to your problem

Create your Raise

Matte black or silver white

6 languages

8 different mechanical switches

Compact travel case and enhacement kit

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2-year warranty

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  • “I love this keyboard. I wanted a more comfortable typing experience and I haven't been disappointed.”

    SBStapley Youtube
  • “It's truly a breath of fresh air for a tech product. Highly customizable, modular, and with an open-source software.”

    Jonikori Twitter
  • "I was skeptical at first, but this is endgame for me. I had no idea normal keyboards were hurting my shoulder."

    Meatsweats Twitter
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