When will your Dygma Defy arrive? And a Surprise! Dygma News #15

When will your Dygma Defy arrive? And a Surprise! Dygma News #15

In this month's Dygma News, we will cover hot topics like the Dygma Defy shipping, a Bazecor update, a new firmware for the Defy that improves wireless performance and battery life, and an important announcement regarding the Dygma Raise.

And... a surprise at the end ✨

1000+ Defy keyboards shipped

Up until now, over a thousand Dygma Defy keyboards have already been shipped.

We started in the last week of September with full-spec black keyboards (with all kinds of keycaps). And last week, we began shipping full-spec silver keyboards (with non-English US keycaps).

silver full spec defy keyboards

Unfortunately, we have been slower than anticipated. With so many different languages and switches, we're being extra cautious to avoid making mistakes.

But we're back to English US keycaps for the following couple of weeks, so it should be much faster.

language and switches for the defy

In three weeks, we should finish shipping all the full-spec keyboards with wireless, tenting, and under-glow, which represents the most significant chunk of all pre-orders by far.

After that, we'll get to the less common configurations –those without wireless, tenting or under-glow, or limited edition colors– and orders with extras.

Limited edition defy colors

Some of the most unique orders and keyboards will be assembled here in Spain. We're already sending the parts needed, and we'll begin fulfillment as soon as they arrive in a couple of weeks.

Here's a calendar of when you can expect your order to ship.

timeline of the defy arrival

Can I still buy the Defy and get it in 2023?

One frequently asked question is: when can I expect my keyboard to be shipped if I buy it now? All the keyboards sold for now are part of Batch 1 and should ship within the next 2 to 6 weeks.

However, we are running out of stock for this first batch, so we are now making another one. This one should be much faster and smoother; however, it will be ready in March 2024.

new defy stock

There are only a couple hundred left, and we estimate that we'll run out of stock in two or three weeks, just before Black Friday.

So, if you've been thinking of getting a Defy but you haven't yet, do it now! What are you waiting for?

New Bazecor 1.3.6

Let's now talk about those keyboards that have been shipped. Are people enjoying them? Have any issues appeared?

Well, YES! 🥳 and... YES 🙃

Many people have shared their first impressions and pictures of their new keyboard, and they are praising the build quality, the thumb keys, the brightness of the LEDs, and the unboxing experience.

reviews of the defy

But, the firmware and the software are giving us more headaches than we anticipated.

In some machines, Bazecor would suddenly close right after opening it, or it would crash and show a white screen, or you would get a message saying your keyboard was in bootloader mode. The keyboard worked, but people couldn't edit their layers.

bazecor layers error

In other cases, the keyboard would disconnect while configuring the layouts, which is not as bad but not ideal either.

Fortunately, we solved those issues promptly. We first released Bazecor 1.3.5, which fixed the problems that affected most users, and we just released Bazecor 1.3.6 to tackle the less common issues and random disconnections.

Download Bazecor 1.3.6 

Of course, we'll continue improving Bazecor with new features and solving all the bugs that the first users kindly reported.

If you want to report one, please email us at contact@dygma.com or head over to our Discord. The invite to the server is in the description.

New 1.1.0 Firmware with improved wireless performance

gif of the defy

Another thing we're continuously improving is the firmware of the Dygma Defy.

We also have released the 1.1.0 firmware, which includes many improvements focused on connectivity, performance, and battery optimization. We've entirely reworked wireless connectivity: now you should feel much less latency, especially over Bluetooth.

We also expect to double the battery life over RF and BT, although we need to conduct more testing to confirm exactly how much.

example of switching between bluetooth devices

Switching between Bluetooth devices is also much faster, and we've included NKRO for the wireless Defy (until now, it was "just" 6KRO).

Another little detail is that now the Neuron's LED doesn't constantly blink anymore, instead, it stays in a low-bright fixed green and goes dark when the keyboard goes to sleep.

the new neuron

As with Bazecor, we want to continue improving. The next big thing we've got in the pipeline is releasing a stable version of the Superkeys, which we've worked on for the last few months.

And what about the Dygma Raise?

The black and silver Raise have been out of stock for quite some weeks now.

The good news is that we have a date for when we'll have them in stock again, but... that date is... the second half of 2024. You bought far more than we expected 😅

If you don't want to wait for the restock, now's the time to get a Dygma Raise. We still have a few limited editions in stock, and we've added a $70 discount so they cost the same as a black or silver Raise.

Don't they look gorgeous?

limited edition raise colors

But.... not as gorgeous as our Dygmodels rocking the new Dygma Fall 2023 collection!!!

dygma t-shirtsThese new t-shirts are a side project that we've been working on for a couple of months. Our idea was to make them just for the team, but why not share them with the world? Maybe the Dygmates want some, too. 

Head over to dygma.com/merch and subscribe to get notified when we release them.

limited edition t-shirts

And that's it for today! We hope you enjoyed this Dygma news. 

As always, thank you so much for your support.

Aitäh 🇪🇪

- The Dygma Team

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