New Dygma Raise Limited Edition Colors - Dygma News #4

Dygma Raise Limited Edition Atlantis Blue

It's been some time since we did the last Dygma News, but it's happened so much in the last few weeks that we had to bring them back.

So, welcome to an episode of Dygma News full of, well... news! 🤷‍♀️

We have new Limited Edition Colors for the Dygma Raise that we'll unveil in just a second. We also released a new Bazecor Beta. We've opened a new Discord channel to be closer to you, our community. We've launched our new website, which we think you'll love. And last but not least, THE TENTING KITS ARE FINALLY IN STOCK! NO MORE PRE-SALES! YAY! 🎉

So, let's cut right to it!

New Dygma Raise Limited Edition Colors

Dygma Raise Limited Edition Colors

We have asked you which were your favorite colors for a new Limited Edition, and you've chosen the Dygma Raise Daredevil Red 👹 and the Dygma Raise Atlantis Blue  🌊

Dygma Raise Daredevil Red

Both look awesome, either with black or white keycaps, and will be available during Black Friday week and Cyber Monday.

And for those who want a more classic look, we have the new Dygma Raise Panda Edition 🐼,

Dygma Raise Panda Edition

Dual-Function keys are back in the new Bazecor 1.0.0 Beta

The main highlight of the new Bazecor Beta is that we brought back Dual-Functions keys. This way, BZ 1.0.0 Beta 11 has everything 0.3.3 had, plus all the new cool stuff, like Superkeys, automatic backups, a more intuitive interface, and much more 😎

New Bazecor Beta

We've also made changes to the Superkeys. They are now in a menu similar to macros, making them easier to set up and more stable. Finally, we improved the UX & UI of the keyboard menu, so it's faster and more intuitive to use 🤔

You can download the new Bazecor Beta here.

The Tenting Kit is now in stock

Another great news is that we are already sending the pre-sold Tenting Kits of batch 3. The estimated date was December 15th, but we've been able to shorten that by almost a month 🎆

However, the real good news is that the Tenting Kit will be in stock during Black Friday week after months of being only available on pre-sale. No more waiting for shipping! 📦

Tenting Kit Dygma Raise stock

We've been completely blown out of the water with the number of positive comments from Dygmates that bought the tenting kit. You have rated with 4.6 out of 5 in our surveys, where 91% claim that they feel less pain or discomfort thanks to the tenting kit 🙌

We'd also love to thank you for the incredible public and private messages of support you have given us. Developing the tenting kit has been an arduous journey, but seeing you enjoy it made it worth it 💪

New Discord Channel

New Dygma Discord

Our new Discord Channel is a great place to meet other Dygmates, get help with any issues, share experiences, setups, layers... And learn how to make the most out of your Raise.

We even hold regular live meetups, where Dygmates and members of the Dygma team discuss different topics, like layouts, Bazecor, future products... 📹

Join our Discord now, and don't miss out on anything. We're more than 200 people talking about ergonomics, sharing our setups and layers, or just hanging out and sharing memes 🤣

Brand new website

New Dygma Website

Finally, we wanted to share with you our redesigned website. It's been months in the making, and it's live at last 🏁

We've thoroughly designed it in a way that it's not only nicer to look at, but it's also easier to understand everything the Raise has to offer in terms of ergonomics and performance.

Plus, now it's much faster. We know the previous one was as slow as a snail... dragging a carriage... full of rocks 🐌

So, we hope that you like it 😊

And that is all, at least for now. See you in the next installment of Dygma News!

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