The new Bazecor 1.0 is here with new features for your split keyboard

Bazecor Beta 15

WARNING: This is an article of an old Bazecor version. To download the latest Bazecor please go here

A programmable keyboard is nothing without a powerful configurator and firmware. That's why we've been working for over a year to completely overhaul Bazecor, the configurator software for the Dygma keyboards. And finally, it's here!

⬇️ Bazecor 1.0.0 - Windows // macOS // Linux

  • 📥 Download it, test it, and report what's not working correctly. We will fix it ASAP.
  • 🚨 Upgrade your firmware to the latest version.
  • ⚠ Remember, if you’re coming from Bazecor 0.3.3, please back up your layers before updating the firmware.

What’s new on Bazecor 1.0.0

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New & improved UX & UI

The new Bazecor not only looks much better but has also been completely redesigned for simplicity and speed ⏩

Bazecor New UI

New users will find it easier to navigate thanks to the structured approach of the standard view, which has a specific section for different types of functions. It also has descriptions and tooltips that explain what everything does 👁️‍🗨️

Standard View and Single View Bazecor

Advanced users will also appreciate the new single view. With every function one or two clicks away, you can make changes to your layouts faster than ever 🏎️

We've also made some functions easier to access. For example, the macro is not hidden in the layout editor anymore. Now, it has its own section.

New macro editor with timeline & record functions

Macro Tab Bazecor

Creating and editing macros can be confusing 🤨, that's why we wanted to ensure that the UI equally served both new and experienced users.

We added a macro recorder to make the process lighting-fast, a timeline editor to make changes easily, and a random delay option to expand the possibilities 🔀

We doubled the memory space for macros and removed the arbitrary limit of 64 macros. Now you have a memory indicator of how much space you're using 🧠

This memory is shared with the Superkeys, which is one of the most significant new features of Bazecor 1.0.0

New Superkeys

Superkeys example Bazecor

Superkeys, also known as Tap Dance in other configurator programs, allow up to 5 different functions in a single key.

You can activate each function with a tap, hold, tap and hold, double-tap, or double-tap and hold.

For example, you could have a Super-media-key where:

  • Tap is Play/Pause ⏯️
  • Hold is Vol up 🔊
  • Tap & Hold is Vol down 🔉
  • 2 Tap is Next ⏩
  • 2 Tap & Hold is Previous ⏪

Superkeys open a world of possibilities, and we're very excited for you to explore them.

However, this feature is still in development. For example, you can assign Layer Lock to a Superkey but not Layer Switch. And there are still a few bugs to be polished.

New firmware update process

New Firmware Update tab Bazecor

Let's face it. Our previous firmware update process was a pain to use. The instructions were vague, and it failed too many times ☠️

The new process is seamless, with fewer steps, visual cues, and a firmware update progress bar 🍃

It’s much more reliable. But in case something goes wrong, we’ve incorporated a new automatic backup ↩️

With this new feature, every time you update the firmware or save your layouts, macros, or preferences, a new backup of your whole keyboard's configuration is saved to your hard drive.

To restore a backup, go to Preferences > Restore and select the backup file. You can also change the folder where the backups are stored 📁

You'll never lose your layers ever again!!!! 🔒

New preferences section

New preferences section Bazecor

In this revamped preferences section, you can now select the language for your keyboard and the appearance of Bazecor.

You can switch between System, Dark, or Light 🔆

You can also:

  • Manage your Backups and the different Neurons (in case you have more than one) 🔒
  • Configure the LED brightness and timeout 🔅
  • Tweak the different thresholds for Dual-Function keys and Superkeys 📶
  • And adjust the speed and acceleration of the mouse keys 🖱️

Latest Bazecor 1.0.0 fixes ✅

  • Fixed a bug where Bazecor would crash when the keyboard was in bootloader mode
  • Fixed a bug where the firmware update would ask you to press the ESC key when the keyboard was disabled in bootloader mode
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t add a modifier to a modifier

Next steps ⏭

Our big challenge ahead is to make the Superkeys work flawlessly. However, the latest Kaleidoscope release (the firmware that our keyboards use) has completely changed how they work, so we have to redo them from the ground up.

That we’ll be our big focus for the next releases ➡️

Beta Changelog 

🆕 What’s new in Beta 15

August 12, 2022 |   Windows // macOS // Linux



Updated layout editor with a new standard view 👁️‍🗨️

We’ve implemented a bunch of visual upgrades that’ll help lower the learning curve for new users and improve speed for already established ones. We updated the keyboard graphics to be in line with the rest of the UI and accurately represent our keyboards and functions.

We now have two views available:

  • The standard view features a pop-up menu when a key is selected to guide new users through the available options.
  • The single view is built for more experienced users who want to test/change multiple keys fast.

We’ve also added new power buttons that’ll allow you to put your computer to sleep 💤 or shutdown 🅾️ at the touch of a key.

On top of that, you can now view the content of your macros and superkeys in the layout editor.

We’ve added Japanese language key picker support with specific keys to change between Katakana, Hiragana, and Romaji and more language-specific keys in a special dropdown.

We’ll continue updating our keyboards with languages to make our products accessible to all. So… which should we do next?

New macro editor with timeline & record functions ⏩

Creating macros can be confusing 🤨, so we wanted to ensure that the UI equally served new and experienced users. We added a macro recorder to make the process lighting fast, a timeline editor to easily make changes, and a random delay option to expand the possibilities. Lastly, we updated the macro limit from 64 to 128 to give you more room to play with.

New standard view for Superkeys ⌨️

Much like the layout editor, we’ve added a new standard view to the Superkey editor to improve the experience and speed of creating superkeys. We also upped the max saved superkeys to 128.

Bug squashing 🪲 👈

  • Solved issues with the creation and duplication of Superkeys and macros.
  • Fixed resizing issues for bigger screens on all views.
  • Fixed unexpected resets when configuring the dual function keys settings.
  • Added apple silicon compilation support. Now, the .dmg should install natively on M1 processors.
  • Solved dark-theme-related wake-up issues on Mac.
  • The user can no longer abandon the flashing screen while the procedure is ongoing.
  • Fixed a bug in the color picker where the color of the 14th position will get reset when changing layers.
  • Fixed a bug where Superkeys would have a weird behavior in the layout editor.

This patch was largely about improving the user experience, intuitiveness, and flow of the software. The next update will focus on merging our firmware with the latest Kaleidoscope update, which should help squash all the bugs related to Superkeys and also those regarding connectivity –and as always, a bunch of extra features to improve your workflow.

🆕 What’s new in Beta 14

April 26, 2022 | Windows // macOS // Linux

First elements of the new UX & UI 👩‍🎨

r/DygmaLab - New Bazecor 1.0.0 Beta 14: start enjoying the new looks 😎

We have started implementing the UX & UI to the new look & feel, which we believe is much better looking and intuitive than the previous one.

It’s still a work in progress -at first glance, you’ll notice that the keyboard representation is still the old one- as we’ve only upgraded the UX of some screens and the overall styling.

  • Keyboard selector
  • Keyboard picker in the layout editor
  • Superkeys editor (Single view only)
  • Preferences

More keys in the keyboard picker 🔆

r/DygmaLab - New Bazecor 1.0.0 Beta 14: start enjoying the new looks 😎

We’ve added some extra key functions in the keyboard picker that you might find useful:

  • A key to open the contextual menu in Windows
  • An eject key (for those of you that still have an optical drive 🤣)
  • A key to open the calculator
  • A key to turn your camera on and off
  • Two keys to control monitor brightness

    New firmware naming 📇

    r/DygmaLab - New Bazecor 1.0.0 Beta 14: start enjoying the new looks 😎

    We’ve changed the way we name the firmware, so it’s independent and more distinguishable from the software version.

    That way, we don’t need to release a new firmware version with every software version -thus avoiding unnecessary firmware updates.

    The latest firmware is now V.1.0.8 beta.

    Separate preferences for Dual-Function keys and Superkeys 🎛

    r/DygmaLab - New Bazecor 1.0.0 Beta 14: start enjoying the new looks 😎

    You can now configure Dual-Function keys and Superkeys independently in the preference menu. We tried combining the two for a more straightforward and intuitive UX, but that led to undesired bugs.

    We have also updated the tooltips, so it’s easier to understand how each value affects the behavior of the keys.

    Bug squashing 🧹

    • Fixed a bug where macros & superkeys’ names would not be saved.
    • Solved a bug the cursor would not accelerate using mouse keys. We also adjusted how the mouse keys behave to allow more fine-tuning in the preferences, so you might want to check your settings.
    • Fixed an error where macros were deleted or no longer accessible if the available memory was exceeded. We also added a memory indicator in the macro editor view.
    • Corrected a bug that exported all layers instead of the selected one when trying to export a layer.
    • Solved a bug that prevented saving names and preferences after a clean install of the beta.
    • Some Linux users were having problems using the keyboard without being superusers, so we updated the Udev rules number to enforce them against the O.S. pre-established rules.

      🆕 What's new in Beta 13

      December 16, 2021 |  Windows // MacOS // Linux

      A more robust firmware update process 💪

      We have entirely changed the firmware update process in the background. Now it should always work when the Raise is connected directly to the computer.

      • We have split the flashing process into three steps. These steps are not visible to the end-user but allow error control and redundant procedures to make the process fail-proof.
      • The firmware update process is still unreliable if the Raise is connected through a hub, but now it works with more hubs than before.
      • We've added information to the progress bar, so you know what's being done at each moment.
      • We've made it so the LED brightness is set up at 100% before the flashing procedure. This way, you'll see the Raise enter rainbow mode during the process.

      Improved backups 💾

      • The names of your layers, macros, and Superkeys are now saved with your backups—no more losing names when restoring.
      • The backup timestamp now follows the ISO format (year/month/day - hour) and includes the Neuron's name.
      • The backups are now placed into a subfolder named after the ID of the Neuron.

      New Neuron management system 🧠

      • When adding a new Neuron to Bazecor, you'll be asked if you want to copy the names of the current Neuron or start from scratch.
      • You can now manage your different Neurons in the preference menu. You can change their names, see their ID and the associated names, and erase them if you want.

      More Superkeys' bugs eradicated ☠️

      • Fixed a bug where the names of the Superkeys would not load correctly and cause a black screen.
      • Fixed a bug where the names of the Superkeys were erased when creating a new macro.
      • Fixed a bug where deleting a Superkey that was not in use would make the rest "move" in your layout. For example, if you deleted Superkey Nº2, Nº3 would be replaced by Nº4, that one by Nº5, and so on.

      Other bugs gone 👋

      • Fixed a bug where an incorrect name structure was loaded when using a Neuron for the first time.
      • In Linux, the window asking for uDev rules installation is now always in front of the application.
      • Now you can save a layer's name by pressing ENTER or clicking outside of the name box. Press ESC to cancel the edit and go back to the previous name.

      🆕 What's new in Beta 12

      November 25, 2021 |  Windows // MacOS // Linux

      Many, many Superkey's bugs gone ☠️

      • Fixed a bug where Superkeys would not capitalize when typing fast. For example, if you had a Superkey with F on Tap and pressed SHIFT + F too fast, it would result in "f" instead of the expected "F".
      • Fixed a visual glitch where if you named a Superkey starting with a number, it would change positions with other Superkeys in the visual representation of the Raise.
      • Fixed a bug where Superkeys would start at Nº1 on the Superkeys Tab and Nº0 in the keyboard menu.
      • Fixed a bug where the names of the Macros and Superkeys would be lost.
      • Now when you create a Macro or a Superkey, it's automatically assigned a name.
      • The names of your Superkeys, Macros, and Layers are now associated with your Neuron. This means that if you have more than one Neuron, you can have different names for them in each Neuron. When you connect a new Neuron for the first time, a message will pop up notifying you so, and all the names will be cleared for you to set them up.
      • Fixed a bug where you could delete a Superkey that was in use. Now you get a warning message and, if you decide to delete it anyway, it would just become a "No key".
      • Fixed a bug where deleting a Superkey would make the rest of the Superkeys "move" in your layout. For example, if you deleted Superkey Nº2, Nº3 would be replaced by Nº4, that one by Nº5, and so on).
      • We also fixed a bug where sometimes Superkeys couldn't be deleted at all.
      • Fixed a bug where Superkeys with unassigned actions wouldn't work properly. If you assigned A to Tap and B to Tap & Hold, but nothing on Hold, B would move to Hold.

      Other bugs gone 👋

      • Fixed a visual glitch where keys that contained SHIFT or ALTGR + any character would not be properly displayed on the keyboard. It would show the combination rather than the resulting character.
      • Fixed a bug where the new firmware notification bubble would not be shown in the menu.
      • We've also made some improvements to the tooltips in the keyboard menu and the flashing process.
      • Fixed a bug in the keyboard menu where LED Off and LED Next buttons were swapped. LED Off would trigger LED Next and vice-versa (thanks Bryan Kenote for fixing this).

      Some bugs we are still fighting 🤺

      • When you have a combination of modifier + key in a Superkey, the modifier would also be applied to the next keypress. For example, if you had SHIFT + A in a Superkey, and next you pressed B, you would get AB instead of Ab.
      • The names of the Macros, Layers, and Superkeys are not stored in your backup.
      • Modifiers on hold don't work correctly if you're a fast typist. For example, if you have SHIFT on hold, letters don't capitalize when typing fast. You need to wait for the Superkey timeout to finish.

      New LED API 🚥

      Our Dygmate Cacus has developed a feature for the Raise FW Focus API that enables the option to trigger color changes on the underglow, which we have included in this beta.

      He has even started developing a project to trigger these LED effects from events generated on his computer. Another Dygmate, Massimiliano, has also been working on a library to call events on the Raise through this API.

      This way, the underglow of the Raise could change when you receive a notification, or when your mic is muted in a meeting, or whatever you can imagine configuring.

      These projects are at very early stages, but you can check them here:

      Thanks to both of them for their contributions! It's great to see the community so involved in the development of new features.

      🆕 What's new in Beta 11

      November 9, 2021 |  Windows // MacOS // Linux

      Dual-Function keys are back! 🎉

      One of the main features of Bazecor 1.0.0 is Superkeys, which substitute Dual-Function keys and offer extra functionalities.

      However, Superkeys can't exactly recreate how Dual-Function keys behave, so all this time there has been a "functionality void" between BZ 1.0.0 and 0.3.3.

      That's why we've decided to bring back Dual-Function keys. This way, BZ 1.0.0 Beta 11 has everything 0.3.3 had, plus all the new cool stuff. 😎

      New Superkeys tab ⚡

      Superkeys tab

      To tackle many of the Superkeys bugs (like the one where duplicating a layer with Superkeys would "break" them) we've created a Superkeys editor in a new tab. Now they are configured in a very similar way as the Macros.

      Simplified and improved keyboard menu in the Layout Editor ⌨️

      We've improved the UX & UI of the keyboard menu so it's faster and more intuitive to use.

      New keyboard menu

      • We've removed the different sub-sections (keys, layers & superkeys) and unified all configuration options.
      • The left panel changes depending on the type of key you select.
      • Higher contrast color scheme so it's easier to visualize what's selected and unselected.
      • Better tooltips to help explain how every function works.
      • The keyboard menu is now displayed properly in different window sizes.

      Other bugs fixes and improvements 💫

      • Backups are now easier. When you press the save button on any tab, Bazecor creates a full keyboard backup and stores it in the designated folder.
      • We've fixed the mouse cursor and wheel speed bug.
      • We've included the Superkeys commands in the API documentation

      Thanks for your support, and we'll be back soon with a new beta! 💪

      —The Dygma Team

      🆕 What's new in Beta 10

      September 14, 2021 | DownloadWindows // MacOS // Linux

      Now you can make pull requests in Github for the beta 🛠️ 🧑‍💻 🎆

      We've merged the beta code with the main branch in Github.

      This means you can help us by making pull requests in Github, and we will evaluate and merge them, just like many of you have been doing with 0.3.3 and previous versions of Bazecor.

      We really appreciate your contributions! Together, we can make Bazecor as awesome as we can imagine 💪

      Special thanks to GazHankpabrams, and AriPerkkio for their latest contributions, some of which we have incorporated in this beta and others are still pending 🤗

      Improvements to the UI & UX 🖌️

      • Now you can edit the name of your layers on the layout editor (YAY!!). Just go to the left-side layers menu and double-click on the layer to edit its name. Click on any other layer to exit the name editing mode.
      • Added Unicode characters (emojis and symbols) for media keys and OSX modifiers.
      • We have fancy new buttons for saving and discarding changes to layouts and macros. They are easier to spot and have a cleaner look.
      • Small tweaks to the preference window responsiveness and menus. Now it has a more polished design.

      Other bugs fixed 🐞

      • Fixed a Superkeys bug where the keyboard would input 4 taps instead of 2 taps if you double-tapped a key and quickly pressed another key simultaneously.
      • Fixed a bug where Bazecor could not connect with the Raise in old computers with USB 2.0. It would make the Raise reset in a loop when trying to connect.
      • Improved overall stability thanks to an update to Serialport 9.2.1, React 17.0.2, and Electron 13.4.0.

      🆕 What's new in Beta 9

      September 9, 2021 | Download - Windows // MacOS // Linux

      Improvements and fixes in the Preferences menu 🎨:

      In Beta 8, we revamped the preferences menu, but we're still working on it and tweaking the design.

      • The preferences sections are now responsive and re-arrange themselves when the window is resized.
      • We've adjusted some preferences again, so they are easier to understand and configure.
      • The "Save preferences" button is always visible. Now you won't have to scroll to get to it.
      • Some of you didn't like the "roundness" of the sections, so we've toned it down a bit.
      • We've fixed some stability issues when changing certain values.

      New preferences menu in bazecor

      Flashing the Raise ⚡

      • Now it's possible to flash the firmware in Bootloader mode.

      Other bugs fixed 🐞

      • Fixed a bug where if a Superkey had "2tap + hold" configured but nothing on "2tap", it didn't input anything. Now it inputs "tap" twice.
      • Fixed a bug where "Enter text" would input the wrong symbols on some languages.
      • The hold function of "Layer & Key" wouldn't change layers until you pressed another key. We thought we had fixed this issue in Beta 8, but it would sometimes come back. We've exterminated this bug forever ☄️

      We are working hard to release a new beta twice a week, so don't forget to come back to see what's new. We're working on new features and improvements!

      🆕 What's new in Beta 8:

      September 7, 2021 | Download - Windows // MacOS // Linux

      UX & UI overhaul of the preferences menu 🎨

      We have completely revamped the preferences menu, setting the look & feel for future improvements in other screens of Bazecor.

      • A new, reorganized, and more polished user interface that doesn't take so much space on the screen.
      • We've grouped and simplified some parameters, so it's easier to configure, although we are working on advanced settings for those willing to tweak every parameter.
      • Clearer texts and tooltips to better understand what each parameter modifies
      • The "Default layer" dropdown menu now goes from 1 to 10 instead of 0 to 9.

      It's still a work in progress, so any extra feedback would be really appreciated.👍

      Layer & Key fixes 🔑

      • Fixed a bug where "Layer & Key" wouldn't actually change to the selected layer until you pressed another key.
      • "One-shot layers" and "Layer & Key" now reference layers from 1 to 10 instead of 0 to 9.

      Other bugs 🐞

      • Fixed a bug where if you double-tapped a Superkey with only "Tap" and "Hold", it didn't emit the second tap.
      • The new firmware update process didn't allow "Bootloader mode" to reset your Neuron.

      There are still other bugs to squash, and we are working on more improvements. As soon as most bugs and features are released, we'll focus on the UI.

      🆕 What's new in Beta 7:

      01/09/2021 | Download - Windows // MacOS // Linux

      In this update, we've focused on fixing many small bugs that you've been reporting and a few extra improvements along the way.

      We fixed the new firmware update process ⬆️

      • The new firmware update process was not starting if you didn't have ESC mapped to the top left key. Now it works whatever you have mapped on the top left key.
      • Fixed multiple visual bugs on light mode.
      • Fixed a bug where the Raise went into Rainbow mode after restoring the layers if the process failed. Now it correctly applies the custom color layout.

      Superkeys fixes 🦸

      • Fixed multiple bugs that made the Hold action not work properly
      • Fixed a bug in Windows; Shift worked for capitalized letters but didn't work to select multiple folders.
      • Now "Move to layer" can be triggered by a hold.
      • In macOS, there was a bug when CMD was assigned as a hold.
      • Fixed a bug that caused modifiers not to apply while using a Superkey
      • Fixed a bug where the Superkeys parameters changed after saving them in "Preferences".

      Macros fixes ✍️

      • Fixed multiple bugs related to the visualization of macros' names.
      • Fixed a bug where macros didn't save properly when clicking the save button.
      • Importing the macros from Bazecor 0.3.3 or previous now works properly.

      UX/UI fixes 🎨

      • Some texts in dark and light mode couldn't be read. We've changed the color schemes in those sections so the texts can be easily read.
      • We've removed several horizontal scroll bars on the macros section.

      Other bug fixes 🐞

      • Fixed a bug where "Copy from layer" didn't show you what layer you were copying from.
      • Fixed several "Transparent" key visual bugs that made configuring it confusing.
      • Fixed a bug where One-Shot Modifiers only allowed Ctrl to be selected. Now you can select any modifier.

      🆕 What's new in Beta 6

      27/08/2021 | Download - Windows // MacOS // Linux

      New features 🎉

      1. Automatic backup feature

        Having a robust and effortless backup system is something you've been asking for a long time. It's finally here!

        • Every time you save your layouts, macros, or preferences, a new backup of your whole keyboard's configuration is saved to your hard drive.
        • By default, the backup folder is set to be Raise/Backup at your userspace. You can change it in the Preferences screen.
        • All the backups filename contain the time and day they were created.
        • To restore a backup, go to Preferences > Restore and select the backup you want to restore.
        • We've removed the all-layers backup button in the Layout Editor. You will be able to export and import individual layers and import old all-layers backups.
      2. Improved firmware update process.

        Having to perfectly time pressing the Esc key to start flashing the firmware was kind of nerve-wracking. We've removed steps and made them easier to understand and follow.

        • From now on, a backup of your keyboard's configuration will be created when you update the firmware.
        • When you press the Esc key, the firmware process will start. No need to sync with a countdown anymore.
        • Added visual steps to the process, so it's easy to understand when has the flashing process ended.
      3. New Superkey functionalities:

        • Hold can now trigger a Move to layer action.
        • Now you can add F13 to F24 keys.
      4. Implemented Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic keyboard layouts

        We will continue adding layouts through the beta.

      UX/UI improvements 🎨

      1. Improvements to the Macro's editor:
        • Removed the need to "Apply changes" when creating macros. Now, any change done on a macro is saved automatically.
        • Merged the Restore/Import and Backup/Export buttons. Now, a dropdown menu will let you select if you want to import or export just one macro or all of them.
      2. Layer numbers will now start at Layer 1 instead of Layer 0.
      3. On the sidebar menu:
        1. The active tab is now highlighted.
        2. Removed "Exit Bazecor" button. It was a bit redundant.
      4. Tooltips are now more useful:
        • They are now properly formatted and give a more precise and easy-to-understand description.
        • Tooltips sometimes kept showing even though you were not hovering them.

      Other bug fixes 🐞

      • Improved stability and several visual bugs.
      • In the Layout Editor, when you selected a layer in Layer Switch, Layer Lock, One-Shot Layer, or Layer & Key, the names of the other dropdown menus disappeared.
      • In the configurator keyboard, the left Shift key icon overlapped the key next to in ISO layouts.
      • Bazecor could crash when no color was selected in the color configurator.
      • In the configurator keyboard of the Layout Editor, the symbol of the Enter key is now centered.

        What's new with Beta 5

        20/08/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

        Superkey bug fixes

        • When tapping two Superkeys one after the other, only the first Superkeys was registered.
        • While editing Superkeys, if you added a modifier to a key (like W+CTRL), a random number was highlighted in the key selection visualization rather than the key itself.
        • When rapidly tapping another key after tapping a Superkeys with two actions (like A on tap and Shift on hold), the Superkeys would act as a hold instead of a tap. So if you typed "ah" too fast, it would show "H" instead.

          Other bug fixes

          • The new firmware available notification kept showing even if the firmware was up to date.
          • The color picker did not show properly, and it was impossible to select a color.
          • When upgrading from 0.33 or loading old layouts, the macros didn't work. Now a pop-up window offers you the option to update them, so they work.

            New features

            • In the firmware screen, besides seeing which firmware you have, now you also get to see which firmware is the latest available.
            • Now you can name Superkeys, and its name will show on the key.

              UX/UI Improvements

              • Multiple visual fixes on the keyboard menu editor so keys are easier to read.
              • For better clarity while editing layouts, the underglow is only shown while in color mode.

                  Beta 4 fixes & improvements

                  04/08/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

                  1. Superkeys are now saved when you backup your layers

                  2. In the previous beta versions 1-3, backing up your layers didn't save the Superkeys.
                  3. Transparent keys are back!
                  4. The OSL or One-Shot Layer feature is fixed.

                  Beta 3 fixes & improvements

                  27/07/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

                  Fixes and improvements:

                  1. Overlap threshold parameter added to configurator.
                  2. Fixed bug in double-tap superkey when pressing very fast.
                  3. Improved HOLD trigger for Superkeys when held for more than 100ms.
                  4. Improved TAP trigger in Superkeys.
                  5. Changed default Superkeys parameters as they were suggested here in Reddit.
                  6. Fixed colors in the white version that were broken after changing them for the black version.
                  7. Fixed a bug that caused Bazecor to crash:TypeError: Cannot read property ‘forEach’ of undefinedat KeyConfig_KeyConfig.componentDidUpdate (webpack:/src/renderer/components/KeyManager/KeyConfig.js:193)
                  8. Changed Win keys to OS keys.
                  9. Fixed: Layer Lock is selectable on Holds even though it's “disabled”.
                  10. Added a slider in preferences to control the overlap_threshold for the Superkeys.

                  Beta 2 fixes & improvements

                  22/07/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

                  Fixes and improvements:

                  1. Dark theme buttons and texts colors changed, so texts are readable. Thanks, u/hotpnu/365lolAs. As a side unintended side effect, the light version looks a bit worse. We'll fix it.
                  2. One-shot layers and One-shot modifiers are back. Thank you, u/Systemising_Brain.
                  3. F13-24 keys are back. Thank you, u/hotpnu/365lol.
                  4. Superkeys "None selected" now works properly. Thank you, u/ColCancermanu/Merge_Conflicts.
                  5. ANSI keyboard is correctly represented on the keyboard menu. Thank you u/365lol
                  6. Multiple macros improvement:
                    1. Improved a few visual bugs on the editor
                    2. Macro names appear on the Keyboard editor when selecting them
                    3. Only configured macros are shown
                  7. And fixed other minor visual inconsistencies on the sidebar and options menu.

                  Beta 1

                  21/07/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

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