Top 10 Community Setups

Top 10 Community Setups

In this blog post we'll be exploring our favorite community setups and giving our thoughts on what's working and what's not. Get ready because there's some crazy builds!

The Breakfast Setup

The Breakfast Setup

(credit to GR8_DANE)


  • Great looking croissant and coffee.

  • Elegant tuxedo-like keycaps and palm pads combination.

  • Despite being a travel kit, the screen is at a reasonable height + distance, plus it has a whole "handshake kit" with the tenting and the vertical mouse on the back.

  • You are the badass in that cafeteria; the rest of the laptop users will envy you.


  • Though hydration is essential, maybe a tall glass of water on that desk is taking too many chances.

The Handshake

The handshake Setup

(credit to u/wsbsuck99)


  • Anti-carpal tunnel syndrome setup, everything here happens in the handshake position:

    • Vertical mouse

    • Keyboard in tented position

  • Plenty of "author" peripherals, such as the Evoluent Mouse and the Dygma Raise keyboard; thanks for supporting these projects!

  • Very compact solution.

  • Perfectly tailored for graphics editing and customized for the user.

  • I like Rafiki.


  • That mousepad with the silicone hurts to look at; please, get rid of it while you can.

  • The wires are killing me.

  • How do you reach that number pad?

  • Is the trackball part of the setup or just lying there?

The Eco-Setup

The Eco Setup

(credit to u/arnulfus on Reddit)


  • It reuses an old phone as a trackpad, and we're all in favor of the three Rs. Go green!

  • Portable and easy to set up. The instructions are linked in the description below.

  • The overall setup is crisp and clean, especially with those crips Dash keycaps.


  • The phone battery doesn't last very long as the screen is always on.

The Coffee Tsunami

The Coffee Tsunami Setup

(credit to on Discord)

This Raise and the trackball miraculously escaped the coffee tsunami thanks to the tenting kit and the lift for the mouse.

The Dual-Ball or Pair of Balls

Dual Ball Setup 1

(credit to AriPerkkio)


  • No need to move your hands away from the keyboard except to drink some coffee.

  • It looks pretty comfy and ergonomic.

  • Very ingenious. He used the pins on the Raise to place the little Ploppy mouse.


  • It needs a bit of DIY.

  • If you're right-handed, maybe using a trackball on the left hand isn't that comfy. He does have a second (track) ball on the side.

To solve that, here's another genius solution that solves both problems.

Dual Ball Setup 2

(Credit to Arctic on Discord)


  • Easy to set up.

  • You can use either hand to control the mouse.

  • Versión low-cost.


  • You can't really reach the mouse buttons, but you can use the mouse keys on the keyboard.

A Tropical Heatwave!

Tropical Heatwave Setup

(credit to u/white_nite on Reddit)


  • These specially modified palm pads take energy from the keyboard to heat themselves.

  • I love this one - I have icy hands.


  • It voids the warranty.

  • If you're using the keyboard through a hub, you might harm it if too much power goes through it.

  • I have sweaty hands, so that's not for me.

Starfighter Spaceship

Starfighter Spaceship Setup

(credit to u/vagabionda on Reddit)


  • Interesting setup with high-angle tenting, an attached trackball on the side, and a small macro pad.


  • The trackball on the right side doesn't look that comfortable. Do you move your hand or use it with your pinky?

  • The macro pad in the center seems difficult to reach.

The keyboard is a Kyria, and the trackball is a Kensington, but the more important thing is the tripod holders; they are the item you have to consider if you want to emulate the setup.

The Dygma Defy has 4 screw holes, so you can explore setups like this one.

The Tragedy

The Tragedy Setup

This Dygmate prefers to remain anonymous. No wonder! This is what you end up with when you forget to bring your Dygma keyboard to work: a sad, sad setup.

Good luck to you...

The Minimalist

The Minimalist Setup

(credit u/Flubert_Harnsworth on Reddit)


  • This is unreal. That's a keyboard? This is the tiniest one I've seen!

  • This is taking the minimalist setup to the extreme.

  • I want to try something like that.


  • Using a keyboard smaller than a mouse must require some learning curve.

  • How do you type all the letters with only 12 keys? I would definitely miss the 8 thumbkeys on my Raise.

  • If anything, we're bigger fans of Mario World than Super Mario 3; just saying...

The Super-Duper-Comfy

The Super Duper Comfy Setup

(Credit to u/super_swole)


  • Working made easy.

  • Look at that ingenuity. That's ergonomics right there.


  • Looks so comfy that it makes it hard to stop working!

  • I would fall asleep in meetings.

We hope you liked the setups we've shown you. And remember, the Dygma Raise isn't only great for cool setups; it also gets you pussy. Pussycat! It's purrrfect.

The Purrrfect Setup

(credit to LeafThief on Discord)

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