Silence is golden: testing 5 silent switches to find the ultimate typing experience

Kailh switches silente sound testing

Are you seeking the best typing experience without noise?

We collected five popular silent switch options for you, but we don’t just stop at checking. We delved deeper, opening, examining their sounds, and meticulously comparing five silent switches to unveil the quietest gem 🤫

Ready to find your typing Zen?

1. Kailh Box Hush Switch-Silent V3

First, let the numbers speak for themselves:

Kailh Box Hush Silent Switch V3

Operation force is usually measured in gf (gram-force) but sometimes you can see cn (centinewton) at this line. They're more or less interchangeable, as 1 cn = 1.02 gf, or the other way, 1 gf = 0.98 cn.

Let's open up one Kailh Box Hush Silent V3 switch to check what's inside.

Kailh Box Hush Silent switch V3 inside structure

The switch, the base, and the upper housing are precisely polished to minimize friction during the working process and make it silky smooth.

With the rubber pad, the shaft hits the bottom of the base and the inner wall of the upper cover to both help reduce the noise and make it silent.

The stem has a dustproof cover. The spring is a normal spring and we find inside the light pipe, too.

If you have an RGBW LED keyboard that has a backlight, like the Dygma Defy, the light will shine through this pipe.

Dygma Defy with RGBW LED

2. Kailh Deep Sea Box Silent V3

Next, we have the Kailh Deep Sea Silent Pro Box Switch.

Firts, let's check the linear version, called Linear Islet.

Kailh Deep Sea Box Silent V3

Opening it up, we find the cover, the stem, the rubber pads on the side of the housing, the light pipe, a protecting cover, and a push rod.

Inside the base, there's another dampening, which is called the bottom muffler pad. This helps to dampen the sound, making each activation of the switch even more silent.

KAILH DeeP Sea Silent Pro Box switch inside structure

It works with a long spring because they say the extended spring has a more uniform pressure force and faster rebound than the ordinary spring.

Spring types

    3. Kailh Midnight PRO Silent Linear

    Our third switch to test is the Kailh Midnight PRO Silent Linear switch.

    Kailh Midnight Pro Silent Linear Switch

    The product structure inside consists of the sing but no rubber pads on the sides, the stem, extended springs, and muffler pads.

    Kailh Midnight Pro Silent Linear switch inside structure

      4. Kailh Midnight PRO Silent Tactile

      Now it’s time to check the tactile version of the Midnight Pro switches.

      Spoiler: it's not as silent as we thought it was - you can hear the sound when it's released.

      Kailh Midnight Pro Silent Tactile switch

      Let's take it apart to see how's the inside of it: there's the top housing, the stem, and an ordinary spring (different from its linear brother).

      It doesn't have any sound-dampening solutions or rubber pads in the base, but it has one rubber pad on the side of the top housing.

      Kailh Midnight Pro Tactile swith inside structure

      5. Kailh Box Silent Pink

      Our last competitor is the rightfully popular Kailh Box Silent Pink switch.

      Kailh Box Silent Pink switch

       Its total travel is relatively shorter when you press the key and also lighter. 

      The actuation force is the least of this switch with 35 gf.

      Opening up, it has the top housing - without any sound-dampening material here, the stem, which has some white rubber material inside that helps dampen the sound the switches make. It operates with an ordinary spring.

      Kailh Box Silent Pink switch inside

      And the winner is

      Based on the side-by-side sound comparison of these five Kailh switches, we could narrow it down to the top 3.

      Top 3 silent switches

      3rd is the Kailh Deep Sea Box Silent V2 🥉

      2nd is the Kailh Box Hush Silent Switch V3 🥈

      1st place takes the Kailh Box Silent Pink 🥇

      As always, if you have any questions, you can ask us on Discord and Reddit.

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