The Dygma Raise sound dampening foam!

The Dygma Raise sound dampening foam!

Have you ever wanted to improve the sound of your keyboard but didnt know how? Well, we have a solution and it involves... Foam.

All Dygma Raise shipped from November 2022 onwards include this foam. So if you bought one after this date, you already have it installed. If you bought a Raise before this date then this guide is for you.

You can get the foam here:


This foam has a fascinating property regarding sound: it absorbs mid-range frequencies and reflects low-range frequencies.

Raise Foam absorption graph

In other words, the foam reduces the clack and enhances the thocc.

If you want to learn more about the science behind it, we recommend checking out Keybored's video on the topic;

This foam is also quite helpful in absorbing the spring ping that non-lubricated switches produce and installing a dampening foam is much quicker and easier than lubing your switches.

Better yet, it's compatible with other improvements like tape-modding the PCB, stabilizing the stabilizers, or adding a PCB dampener to reduce the impact noise of the switches.


To install the foam, we need to disassemble the keyboard first.

We have a great guide on iFixit that will help you with this.

Otherwise, read on.

The Dygma Raise is a breeze to disassemble, and you only need a few tools:

  • A keycap and switch puller

  • An M2 Phillips screwdriver

 Let's begin;

  1. Start by removing the keycaps.

  2. Then, remove the switches.

  3. Turn the keyboard around and unscrew the seven screws on each half.

  4. Open the keyboard carefully and unplug the cable that connects the main PCB to the low-profile PCB.

  5. Now that you have revealed the Raise's private parts, it's time to remove the main PCBs. Each of them is held in place by four screws. It goes without saying: handle them with care. You don't need to unscrew the low-profile PCBs.

  6. It's time to place the dampening foam on top of the PCB and screw it back in place. It should feel a bit tighter, but that's not a problem. Make sure that the holes on the foam align with the holes in the top panel.

And now that your keyboard is open, why not give that dirty thing a clean? Check out our video on how to deep-clean your keyboard

Reconnect the cable. Close the case. Screw the screws. Insert the switches. Place the keycaps, and you're good to go.

Great. My foam is installed. Now for the moment of truth. The sound test.

As you can hear, the higher pitch sounds are gone; the only things left are the more pleasing sounds of typing.

If you'd like to add this mod to your Raise (Pre-November models only) you can purchase yours here.

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