KAILH vs GATERON vs CHERRY - clicky sound comparison

by Dominique Garcia on February 04, 2019

This video is a sound comparison of the 6 different Clicky switches we have here in the office. We thought it would be interesting for some of you to know how these different Clicky switches sound when compared to others.

If there’s any specific switch you’d like us to compare, write them in the comment section.

6 Different Cicky Switches. From Kailh Speed Gold to Cherry MX Blue to Gateron Green. Which ones do you like?

?Jump to the switches you want to compare ?

  • Kailh Speed Bronze VS Kailh Box Blue - 00:59, 1:24
  • Kailh Speed Bronze VS Gateron Blue - 01:04, 01:41
  • Kailh Speed Bronze VS Kailh Speed Gold - 01:09, 01:58
  • Kailh Speed Bronze VS Gateron Green - 01:13, 02:15
  • Kailh Speed Bronze VS Cherry MX Blue - 01:18, 02:32
  • Kailh Box Blue VS Gateron Blue - 01:27, 01:45
  • Kailh Box Blue VS Kailh Speed Gold - 01:31, 02:01
  • Kailh Box Blue VS Gateron Green - 01:34, 02:25
  • Kailh Box Blue VS Cherry MX Blue - 01:37, 02:36
  • Gateron Blue VS Kailh Speed Gold - 01:48, 02:04
  • Gateron Blue VS Gateron Green - 01:51, 02:21
  • Gateron Blue VS Cherry MX Blue - 01:54, 02:39
  • Kailh Speed Gold VS Gateron Green - 02:07, 02:25
  • Kailh Speed Gold VS Cherry MX Blue - 02:11, 02:42
  • Gateron Green VS Cherry MX Blue - 02:28, 02:45

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