Beta testers wanted: be part of the Raise 2's development

Raise 2 beta-testing giveaway

Who doesn't like to be first?

The first to finish a race, the first to comment on a YouTube video, and, of course, the first to try the newest gadget! And which is the most expected gadget of 2024? Yes, it's the Dygma Raise 2!

So, do you want to be the first to own one?

This is what you need to do!

As you might know from our recent manufacturing update, we're in the midst of the design validation test for the Dygma Raise 2. In less than two months, we'll have around 50 test keyboards, and we need to check that everything fits and works perfectly to move to mass production.


That's where you come in!

We're looking for beta testers willing to put the keyboards through thick and thin and help us find design flaws or details that need polishing before we start the final manufacturing stage.

How to participate in the beta-testing

Raise 2

For now, we're opening 10 beta tester spots, and you can become one in two ways!

The first one is very easy.

1. We have prepared a giveaway for one of the spots. Just go to our page to join. If you win, you'll be part of our beta-testing program AND get a full-spec Dygma Raise 2 of your choice.

The second way to become a beta tester is more of a short selection process.

2. We want to find the right candidates. We're looking for people committed to helping us perfect the keyboard for a variety of operating systems and uses (gaming, coding, design, etc.).

If you think that's a task you're up to, there are two simple requisites.

  • Reserve your Dygma Raise 2 at if you haven't; as explained, we're looking for people interested in the keyboard and its development that will pre-order it during the launch campaign.

For those of you who might not know yet: by reserving your Raise 2 before pre-orders open on March 26th, you get the best deal possible: on top of pre-sale pricing, you get free shipping and a free add-on of your choice (wireless, tenting or underglow) saving up to over 200$ compared to the retail price.

Raise 2 VIP prices

  • Fill out our short survey in which we'll ask a few things, like the keyboards you've used in the past, your operating system, how you plan to use the Raise 2, and your availability to troubleshoot any issues you might find with your test unit.

Dygma Raise 2 beta-testing giveaway

We'll select at least 9 candidates to join our beta-testing program, although that number might increase depending on the availability of more test keyboards.

As a thank you for participating in testing, you'll get a very special price for your Raise 2: a full-spec keyboard at the base price ($299).

The deadline to participate in the giveaway or submit your application is March 20th.

We'll select and contact the winner and participants by Friday the 22nd.

As you know, getting the community involved has always been key to making and improving our keyboards, so we hope you're excited as we're about this beta-testing phase!

Good luck!

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