What’s new on the Dygma Raise 1.4

What’s new on the Dygma Raise 1.4

Every time we manufacture a new batch of the Raise, we tweak the design a bit.

For instance, we made the palm pads softer in the second version and on the third run- enlarged the rubber feet, redesigned the travel case as well as the cables and added an enhancement kit.

Each time, more goodies and improvements are made/included 💪

So what did we do for the fourth batch?

Take a look at the video below - or continue reading.

New Customizing Options

You might have come across some limited edition colors for the Dygma Raise in the past year. Those were made in extremely limited runs here in Spain, but since you gave them such a warm welcome, we’ve decided to make a larger batch of the most popular ones and offer them as an option.

The colors we’ve chosen are Atlantis Blue🔵, Daredevil Red🔴, Egyptian Gold 🟡, and Royal Purple 🟣 , and you can combine them with black and white keycaps and palm pads.

Raise customization options

The special colors will cost $70 extra, but you can combine the black and silver with your keycaps of choice at no extra cost.

New ABS keycaps

For this batch, we’ve also launched these new ABS keycaps in black for Spanish, German, and Nordic. Thanks to our signature manufacturing and painting process, these new ABS keycaps have an improved textured finish that is less prone to shine ✨

On top of that, we’ve redesigned the legends. The most notable difference is that they are now aligned to the left. That way, the stem of the switch is not in the way, which improves the RGB backlight 🌈

New ABS Keycaps Raise

New sound-dampening solution

Since we launched the first Raise, many users have been modding it to make it sound “thoccier”. That involved opening the keyboard, taking precise measures, cutting foam and the rest, which is very time-consuming! ⌚

So we thought we’d save you the trouble, and from now on, the Dygma Raise comes with an EVA foam between the PCB and the top plate.

EVA Foam Raise 1.4

Thanks to this solution, the keyboard will produce a deeper sound and reduce spring ping 👂

Want to hear the difference? Click here

Improved Stabilizers

Another change that will improve the sound is the new factory-lubed stabilizers. You’ll now notice less rattle on larger keycaps like Enter or Backspace.🎶

You can check out the sound test difference here

New unboxing experience

The last thing we wanted to update was the unboxing experience. You already rated it quite high in our surveys, but you know, very good is not good enough for us.

Travel Case

We decided to design a new grey travel case for the Silver Dygma Raise, not only that, both travel cases now have an improved interior made of matching velvet so your keyboard travels the world in unmatched comfort 🛋️

Raise 1.4 Travel Case Grey

Palm Pad packaging

To add to the unboxing experience, we’ve also changed how the palm pads are kept in place during transport 🚛

Previously, we used a double-sided sticker but this left a tiny spec on the metallic palm rest. A big no no ❌

Now, instead of the sticker, we’re using paper holders. They leave no mark on the palm rest and should be easier to spot. Remember, this is just for shipping; you must peel them to reveal the self-adhesive silicone before placing them on the keyboard!

Raise 1.4 Palm Pad Packaging

If you want to know more about how to install and clean the palm pads of the Dygma Raise, check out this other video.

Enhancement Kit

Finally, we’ve redesigned the manual and the stickers, and we’ve made small changes to the enhancement kit. It has a new box that opens nicely, and now the cleaning cloth comes in a nifty compartment.

Raise 1.4 Enhancement Kit

We hope you enjoy these small updates. We like to think these small improvements make a big difference to the overall experience of our products, so if you have any suggestions as to how we could improve, feel free to contact us via any of our social media platforms!

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