Assembling 100 Raise keyboards, then 1,900

Assembling 100 Raise keyboards, then 1,900

If you didn't read our last update, we already started the mass production process.

Creating 2,000 units of each component

We are creating 2,000 units of each and every component of the Raise. Some components contain up to 8 individual pieces. For example, there are 2 metal top covers (left and right), 3 cables (2 short cables, 1 long), 6 rubber feet, 8 metal pins, etc., which when totaled together equals…

A LOT of components.

As of now, these are the ones that we already have:

  • LEDs
  • PCBs

  • User manual
  • The PET cases for the extra keycaps and extra switches
  • Keycap-switch puller

  • Neuron sticker
  • Mylar sticker - (the sticker placed underneath the Raise)
  • Magnets
  • Rubber feet
  • Cables

We had an issue with some of the cables from the DVT. It was a connection problem and it had something to do with the soldering between the wire and the PCB inside the cable.

We told the cable factory to double-check all the cables they made for mass production. We wanted them to guarantee that the connection was strong.

These cables should be resistant to various movements. 

Our factory tested 4,000 cables and only 3 failed. That’s just 0.075%! We’re happy with the result but we will still have them check all the cables after mass production.

Most of the other components will be ready next week. These are the:

  • Neuron (plastic case)
  • Base
  • Special keycaps
  • Stabilizers
  • Kailh switches
  • PBT keycaps (US and UK in black and white) 

The rest of the components that are taking longer are the metal components. We expect to have them by the end of September. These include:

  • Metal case - the top panel of the Raise (left and right side)
  • Metal joint cover
  • Metal pins 

Once we receive all the components, we will do the IQC (Incoming Quality Control). After that, we will assemble 100 Raise keyboards, which we have scheduled for the 14th of October.

We have been pushing to have the assembly on an earlier date. But as we mentioned in the previous update, the months of September and October are the busiest for the factories.

Some of them aren’t meeting the deadlines that they promised us so we need to adjust to their schedule.

These are the components causing a bit of delay:

  • The factory creating the travel case can only finish creating the 2,000 units in the 2nd week of October.
  • The factory creating the palm pads are redoing the material inside the palm pads. We noticed a tear after a month of using the new palm pads so they’ve made a new version.
  • Cherry will be sending the MX switches late because it’s high season. Since our order quantity is not as large as what they’re used to, we are in a lower priority.

On the other hand, Kaihua is sending its Kailh switches on time. We visited their factory in Shenzhen before and we were really impressed with the facilities. We have a good relationship with them and we hope to sell more of their switches in the future 😉

Assembling 100 Raise keyboards, then 1,900

The assembly of the 100 units will take 1-2 days. It is divided into 2 parts:

The first part is assembling the body of the Raise. This involves the top metal case, the base, the PCBs, Mylar sticker, the joint, metal pins, magnets, and also assembling the Neuron, which is the most technically complex part as it will undergo a lot of testing.

The second part is mounting the switches and the keycaps and putting everything in the travel case.

After assembly, we will do the OQC (Outgoing Quality Control), where the workers at the factory will personally inspect all 100 keyboards. They will unbox them and confirm that everything -the cables, keycaps, switches, etc-, is working in unison.

Checking all the 100 units is necessary because we will draw out a percentage of how many units failed quality control. In doing so, we can determine how many keyboards we would need to check when we do the OQC for the remaining 1,900 units.

Once we are done with the OQC of the 100 units, we will assemble 1,900 Dygma Raise units. This will take 3-4 days.

Manel, our Product Manager, will be flying to China on October 12, right before the assembly of the 100 units.

Manel, ready to take on the responsibility of running the assembly of 2,000 units. The pressure is on you! Good luck! 🤣

He will be in China for at least 2 weeks up until we start shipment, which we hope will begin in the last week of October.


We have been consulting with an international trade expert who is helping us with the logistics of shipment.

Our plan for shipment is to ship all the keyboards from China to the final destination, your doorstep. But for our customers living in Europe, we are weighing the pros and cons of shipping the products to Spain first and then to your doorstep.

The reason we are looking at different options is because we don’t want you guys to pay any additional fees. We will cover the VAT for those living in the EU.

So we are waiting for the consultant’s proposal, then we will decide. We want to find the best solution for this. We will keep you all posted with the decision.

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