The start of the 3rd batch of Raise keyboards, new Macro feature!

The start of the 3rd batch of Raise keyboards, new Macro feature!

Hello Dygmates!

Pre-Order Sale Has Ended 🏷

We're back with new development updates. In our previous update, we were still in the process of shipping all remaining pre-orders in batches.

If you remember, we were struggling a bit getting all orders sent out as we gradually received the keyboards from China. It was a demanding time for all of us but luckily, thanks to our logistics officer, Jairo, and the Dygma customer support team, we all got through it alive🕺

We're very happy that all our customers have finally received their Raise keyboards. And since Oct 28, we've been shipping normal orders!

If you order a Raise, you can expect to receive it at your doorstep in 3-5 business days 😊

Recent photos of Dygmates' setups.





Third Batch of Mass Production

That's right! The third batch of Raise keyboards is on the horizon. And it's beautiful! 🤩

This time, we will be manufacturing 5000 units.

Out of the 5000 units, 1500 units are already being assembled in China. We expect to receive those assembled units in our warehouse in Spain by the beginning of December, just in time for Christmas 😉

This includes the silver ANSI Dygma Raise keyboards that we know many of you are dying to get your hands on. 

Bazecor 0.2.4 - Macros and a few bug fixes

Download the latest Bazecor version - v.0.2.4.

Windows · MacOS · Linux

⚠️ Don't forget to flash the firmware of your keyboard once you have the new Bazecor 0.2.4. How do I update my keyboard's firmware?


We have finally released the Macros functionality! 😆 Need we say more? Well yes, maybe a demo would be handy.

Here's a video of Deilor, our CEO, giving a demo of how the macros work. 


A macro is a tool to automate multiple keypresses or keyboard actions. It's useful to create macros for actions or tasks that you do repetitively. Macros will help you perform these actions faster.

For those interested in a more advanced macro, this is a video of one macro doing the action of opening a notepad and typing a text, saving it, opening it again, and typing a new text. 

Setup: Windows 10 with Spanish Language

If you're interested in using this macro, you can download the JSON file here: Hey Dygmate YOU ROCK.json

We've also made a few feature enhancements and bug fixes to Bazecor.

Some UX improvements

  • Import and Export layers as a JSON file

    When importing or exporting layers, you no longer need to copy and paste the text file of your layers and save it on a document. By simply clicking import, your layers are transformed into a JSON file. To export layers, you simply need to export the JSON file on the desired layer on Bazecor.

  • Backup all Layers

    You can now back up and save all your layers as one JSON file.

A few bug fixes

  • We fixed the bug that didn't allow MAC users to change the idle time and the overall brightness of the keyboard.
  • We fixed the firmware flashing process so that it works without freezing at the end of the update. It now correctly recognizes the keyboard in MAC & Linux.

If you want to learn about all the technical bugs and enhancements we've done, you can check our Github repo releases.

New Youtube video: Opening the Raise, featuring the Mighty Ninja Wrestler

In our latest Youtube video, we show users how to properly disassemble the Raise. We also talk about each and every component, including our magic palm pads ✨

Some of you might think that the Raise is a great productivity tool. And you are right! It is! But it also serves as a self-defense tool when you have rowdy people in your house disrupting the peace.

Disclaimer: The footage you see below is fictitious no matter how realistic it may seem. No one was harmed during the creation of this video.

We hope you enjoy watching the video just as much as we enjoyed making it! 🤣

If you have any suggestions on what topics we should cover next, please write it down in the comments below!

- Dygma Team

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