Shipping updates, Dygmates setups, and tenting kit updates

by Dominique Garcia on September 04, 2020

Hello there everyone!

Short shipping update and photos from Dygmates

We just want to give a very quick update on what’s been happening in the last 2 weeks. 

Since our last update, we’ve been able to ship more than 500 keyboards to customers!

Here are the setups that our Dygmates have been sharing on our social media channels:
Twitter • Facebook • Reddit • Instagram







One of our loyal Dygmates also posted this video of him excitedly unboxing his Dygma Raise.

We are shipping keyboards weekly and are still following the delivery schedule that we talked about in our last update.

Here’s the updated estimation of deliveries:
  • Batch 2: Remaining black keyboards with US keycaps - last week of August/first week of September
  • Batch 3: Silver keyboards with US keycaps - early September
  • Batch 4: Black and silver keyboards with the ISO layout (UK, Spanish, German, French, Nordic, and Japanese keycaps) - mid to late September
  • August orders

    For those who had ordered a Dygma Raise in the month of August onwards, your order will be sent to you after batch 4. 

    We hope that by then we will have stock of all of the keyboards in our warehouse. The goal is that when customers order their keyboard, it will only take 3-7 days to deliver the product instead of months 😅

    Tenting Update

    We’re moving forward with our new tenting design! 

    We still don’t have an official name for it. We’ve been thinking of calling it the Rails design, but we’re sure there are more creative alternatives out there!

    What do you think would be a cool name for the tenting kit? Let us know in the comments!

    The tenting kit will have a maximum of 45º.

    Users will be able to adjust the angle by sliding the top metal piece and screwing it to the bottom piece. 

    Users can also have a 0º angle. In the 0º angle, the keyboard will be 7mm high but flat on the surface.

    The tenting will be made of steel. Our goal is to make sure it’s stable and secure. At the same time, we want this tenting kit to be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Just this week we received the prototype of our design. It’s simply the bare bone of our design but at least we can start validating that it works as intended.

    Now that we know what it looks attached to the Raise, we can redesign certain components so it will look more consistent and beautiful.

    The tenting kit looks sturdy and reliable. It has also accomplished our goal of being versatile.  But we still feel like we can improve the design to make it easier for users to adjust the angles.

    Another thing we need to work on as well is to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

    Once we finalize its industrial design, we will have 300 units made. 

    We’ve been getting more and more people signing up in our Tenting Waitlist and we want to make sure that we will make enough units for the first batch. If we see that more people are interested in the tenting kit, we will have more made.

    If you are interested in the tenting component, you can write down your details in the Raise Tenting Waitlist and we will inform you when the tenting kit is available for order.

    Book a slot and have a video Q&A with us at Dygma :)

    Three weeks ago, we started doing video meetings with our Dygmates where we get to know them a bit better and ask them about their experiences with the Dygma Raise.  

    It’s a casual video session that takes 30-40 minutes. Although most of the time we end up talking for an hour ;) 

    Here’s a short video with snippets of some of our chats.

    We’ve had wonderful discussions with all of them. We listened to their feedback and answered questions about the Raise, our next projects, and anything under the sun.

    They shared their layers with us and we also shared ours and gave tips when needed.  We’ve learned a lot of interesting insights and we look forward to meeting more of our Dygmates.

    We are now in the final week of this Video Q&A session. 

    So if you're interested, please schedule the time and date that works for you and we will speak very soon! Choose your schedule here:

    The video sesh will be recorded and will possibly be used for our other content :)


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    by John on November 17, 2020

    It is so sad to see all high quality ergonomic keyboard makers missing the mark. No one adds any silent switches. Why?

    by Jordan Lee on October 27, 2020

    There’s the Dygma Raise and then the Dygma with Tenting.
    If I buy a Dygma Raise today, could I add Tenting to it at a future date?
    Or, will I need to wait for Dygma with Tenting?

    by Jo on October 27, 2020

    Hi, will the tenting kit attach to existing keyboards? Or will it be part of new keyboards only?

    by Anthony Freitas on October 27, 2020

    It looks like the tent kit is coming along nicely! I’m excited to order one when they are ready.

    by Kelvin on October 27, 2020

    Ultimately it’s probably wise for branding reasons to call the tenting kit the “Dygma Raise ” so it’s clear it’s for the Raise specifically.

    I’d suggest the Jack or Lift, which are simple but evocative; the wag in me wants to suggest the “Dygma Raiser” but…

    by Mike Anderton on October 27, 2020

    What about calling the tenting solution something like “tilts” or “stilts”?

    by Ryan on October 27, 2020

    I would love to do Q&A with your team. But seems like this is the last week. I am still waiting to receive and try my raise. Will there be any time in the future you will do Q&A with Dygmates again? Would love to give feedback!


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