The new and improved version 3 Dygma Raise keyboards now available

The new and improved version 3 Dygma Raise keyboards now available

If you are a true Dygmate and if you've been reading all our blogs that we’ve painstakingly made every few weeks, you would know that we are a company that strives to always be the best!

Our goal is to constantly improve our products, our processes, and ourselves as a company. After all we’re only moving forward.

Despite all the hurdles of this year — the Coronavirus outbreak leading to the increase of manufacturing and shipping costs, changing suppliers, not being able to visit our factories to China, then needing to do a second quality control check of all keyboards here in Spain while in lockdown — we've been able to push on through!

We've listened to all customer's feedback and have done numerous changes to make sure the new Dygma Raise keyboards come in perfect condition. We've modified many manufacturing steps taking into account a more heightened quality control 🎉

We are very excited to announce the arrival of the third wave of Dygma Raise keyboards. This new batch has come with more surprises and goodies! And just in time for the holidays! 🎁

Slimmer and sexier compact case

The Raise now comes with a new compact case that can easily slide inside your backpack.

 We’ve listened to customer's feedback and learned that for some, the travel case that we currently offer was too bulky, and packing and unpacking the cables was a hassle.

It was great for traveling, but if you’re going from your home to the office or to a cafe, perhaps you would need something smaller, closer to the size of a laptop.

The new compact case is 45mm thick. If we compare it with the previous travel case, it’s 33% thinner!

The lid is made of the same materials as the previous travel case, so you can expect it to be just as sturdy. The material inside is black velvet.

We’ve removed the compartments that were for the cables, palm pads, keycap-switch puller, and test switches. Instead, the cables can be easily stored in a pocket with magnetic locks inside the lid of the case. Now you can just toss your cables inside much quicker 😊

The cables included are:

  • 2x 20cm USB-C to USB-C cables
  • 1x 1.5m USB-C to A cable
  • NEW! 1x 50cm USB-C to USB-C cable - now can be used to connect to the computer!

Complementary Raise Enhancement Kit

For the add-ons, such as the keycap-switch puller, cleaning kit, and test switches, they will now be included in the new Raise Enhancement Kit.

The Raise Enhancement Kit includes:

  • 2 extra keycaps for each language
  • A keycap-switch puller
  • NEW! 2 sets of thick and thin orings (70pcs each)
  • 2 microfiber cloths
  • Dust remover
  • NEW! And 8 test switches!

New Silent Switches

We’ve had people ask us if we could offer more switches with the Raise, specifically silent ones.

The silent switches have been heard and we will be offering a new line of Kailh Silent Box Switches: Kailh Silent Pink and Kailh Silent Brown.

See their specifications below:

Kailh Silent BOX Pink [BOX Silent Rose]

Kailh BOX Silent Brown

Bigger Rubber Feet

Other than these awesome goodies, we've modified the rubber feet of the Raise and tripled their sizes! Now all you hardcore gamers who move their keyboards a lot don't need to worry about losing the rubber feet anymore. It'll stay on forever.

Courtesy of: BadSeed Tech


Improved LED Brightness

In the previous manufacturing batch, we had issues with the LEDs. This caused a lot of delays in shipping.

We've increased the overall quality of the LEDs and now they shine brighter than previous versions. They shine bright like a diamond.

Courtesy of: BadSeed Tech


Better White PBT keycaps

Our previous white PBT keycaps had a very faint yellow tint. In the new wave, the keycaps no longer have that yellow tint and are now slightly grayish.

They better complement the overall aesthetics of the Raise.

Courtesy of: BadSeed Tech


We've only just begun!

With the year coming to an end, the #workfromhome setups are only just beginning!


People are increasingly spending more hours on the computer. And if you spend most of your days working on a keyboard, it's best if you have one that's high-quality, ergonomic, and fully configurable (with macros!) so it can accommodate all your needs.

After all, health is the most important. And what's better for your body is better for your performance.

Order your brand new and improved Dygma Raise keyboard now and have it at your desk before Christmas! 🎄

Shipping starts on December 14.

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