The Dygma Defy is gearing into production

The Dygma Defy is gearing into production

The time has come!

It has taken us more than we expected, and in some cases, we're still polishing the final details –you know us, we don't settle for less than perfect– but the first components of the Dygma Defy are finally moving into production. YAY! 🎉

In this update, we'll cover the status of all the main components of the keyboard from top to bottom. From the keycaps to the base, without forgetting about a tricky subject: the electronics.

Are you ready? Let's go!


Keycap Samples

We received the golden samples in white and black and are delighted with the paint and the accuracy of the laser etching.

Plus, the light and definition of the legends are incredible 🌈

Defy keycaps light

However, we found a minor defect in one of the thumbkeys: a wrinkle on the paint in the corner. At first, we thought it was a problem with the paint, but it turned out it was an issue with the mold.

Keycap Wrinkle

We let the supplier know, and they've already fixed and validated the new mold. On to production!

Palm pads

We have also received the golden sample, which includes the last changes to the mold of the base. Everything is as we expected, so we've given the green light to start production, too ✅

Palm Pad magnet and softness

We're thrilled about these new magnetic palm pads. They're super soft and cool, literally, and how they snap to the keyboard is so satisfying 🤩

Top panel

The aluminum top panel is the crown jewel of all the components. It's a fascinating mixture of industrial and manual techniques, making each top panel unique.

Defy Top Panel

This artisan process also means that some top panels present tiny oddities around the perimeter.

They're only noticeable under certain lighting conditions and mainly on the silver keyboards, but either way, we have hired a new expert polisher to make sure each top panel is a work of art 🧑‍🎨

Minor oddities

We've received the golden samples this week, and once they're validated, we'll start manufacturing. As with most components, we'll make a first run of about 200 and then proceed with the rest.

Top Panel Colors


The base is one of the components we're still working on, but fortunately, plastic injection products are pretty fast to manufacture, so we have more time to make it flawless.

We have already received a new sample with adjustments on the hinge, and we are waiting on the golden sample. It'll have some dimensional changes on the perimeter, and the slot for the neuron, so that the experience of sliding it in feels perfect👌

Neuron Slot

The diffuser for the underglow has also been validated and is ready for production, but we're waiting for the base to make them all at once.

Underglow Diffuser


We have received a new set of aluminum legs without paint on the stems –if you want to know more about how those 0.1 mms of paint drove us crazy,

We have validated the adjustment with the legs, but we're waiting on the final small rods. We've made them more rigid and a bit wider. Once we receive them, we'll do a final test of the stability of all tenting angles 📐

Once that's green-lighted, we'll also move into manufacturing.

Finally, we've also got the golden sample of the side legs and the reverse tilting legs. Now the way they snap into place is precisely how we wanted it.

Tenting side legs

Nice! Another thing is ready for production! 🛠️


This is where things get tricky 😬

A couple of months ago, we had an unexpected hiccup. We took the wired version to pass a new certification test, now with SPI communications instead of I2C, and it failed. We had emissions on the cables.

Defy Electronics

To fix it, we had to modify the Keyscanner PCBs –shared by the wired and wireless versions– and also find better-shielded cables 🔌

This meant that we had to make new design validation tests for those PCBs, but most importantly, it took up huge resources from the electronics team.

Keyscanner PCB

The good news is that the new PCB design is validated, but as a result, the different jigs required for mass-producing the PCBs won't be ready until late April 🗓️

How does this affect our timeline?

We planned to have the components' first production runs ready by early April. We would then assemble a first batch of about 100 keyboards that month and ship them in May. For the big batch, we would assemble them in May and send them throughout July.

However, the first batch of electronics won't be ready until mid-May, and the rest by the end of that month.

That means those 100 early-delivery keyboards will be assembled in May and shipped in the second half of June. As for the rest of the keyboards, we'll make them in June and send them throughout late July and August 📦


It's a bit of a bummer because we were thrilled to start assembling and shipping the first units soon, but we believe it's not worth rushing something as important as the electronics.

As always, we'd love to thank you for your support. I can't stress how wonderful it is having you along the journey.

Really, from the bottom of our hearts. Gracias! 🥰 🇪🇸

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