Shipping and configurator software updates

Shipping and configurator software updates

Shipping Updates 

In our last update, we said that we had just finished doing Step 4 of the assembly process, which meant that all the keyboards and all other components had been put in their travel cases.

Afterwards, the factory did the OQC, which is the Outgoing Quality Control check and opened up a few keyboards and did the final tests on the switches, keycaps, and cables.

Last week they started doing Step 5, which is packing all your keyboards, along with the extra components, in the boxes.

This has been taking a while as the assembly factory would only pack 200 keyboards a day due to the fact that they also had to work on other products, apart from the Raise.

But good news is that we are already going to send the non-EU pre-orders to the shipping company on Monday, Dec. 2, 2019. Once there, the shipping company will organize the orders and ship them asap.

For our EU customers, we will first ship the keyboards to Spain and ship from here. We said this in one of our previous updates. We want to avoid any problems that might arise in EU customs so we believe this is the best solution.

*The cut-off of pre-orders was on August 17, 2019. If you ordered after that date, you might receive your keyboard early next year. Please contact us if you have any concerns.*

We don't have the exact dates of when you'll receive your keyboards but you will be notified once the product has already been dispatched by the shipping company and you will receive a tracking number 😊

If you want to learn more about the Assembly Process, here’s a video of us explaining the 5  steps and our experiences being in the assembly line.

Once the keyboards are with the shipping companies, we will have a better estimation of when the keyboards will arrive at your doorstep.

At this stage, we want to advise everyone to not change their shipping addresses anymore because it might cause confusion and possible delays.

Configurator Software Updates

We finally decided on a name for the Raise’s configurator software.

BAZECOR, the official configurator software of the Dygma Raise.

For the last few months, we’ve been working a lot on the UI and aesthetics of the program. There are many small changes such as text and button alignments and sizes, and rearranging elements that don’t seem as important but improve the overall user experience.

Bazecor is still in Beta, but it’s already functional and we hope the UX is not confusing. After we deliver all the keyboards, we hope you guys give us feedback so we can continue improving it.

Below you will see a few GIFs just to show you a bit of how it looks and works. If you’re wondering about the layout, this is the one our CEO Luis “Deilor” Sevilla has been using for close to a year.

Menu & Black mode

We’ve restructured the menu tab and modified their functions. You can also see the dark mode in this GIF.

Language selection

We’ve finished creating the layouts for all the keycap languages we offer. We hope that this makes configuring your Raise more straightforward.

If the selected keyboard language in Bazecor and the keyboard layout match the one in your operating system, then configuring your Raise will be easier. All key configuration options will match.

Just have in mind that selecting this option won’t change the language of your operating system, just the layout you see in Bazecor.

Underglow and backlight

In the previous versions we had 2 tabs, Layout Configurator and Colormap Editor. We’ve merged both so there are fewer clicks needed to set up whatever you want.

We moved the color selection to the right side of the screen and added 2 buttons (UNDERGLOW and BACKLIGHT) so now it’s easier to change the color for the entire Underglow and all the Backlights. Again, trying to reduce the number of clicks needed.


There were some issues with some resolutions. Now it’s all solved.

As stated above, Bazecor is in working progress. We hope that you like the direction we are heading with it and you give us feedback so we can continue improving it.

My Raise Page

We are also working on the My Raise Page where you will find all the information about the Dygma Raise, all the How To’s, and instructions on using the software, creating layouts, etc.

Here’s a sneak peek of what we have so far.

Thanks for reading our updates guys!

We will inform you as soon as possible about the shipping dates once we have more information.

We’re very close!

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