Shipment has begun! Tracking numbers soon to follow!

Shipment has begun! Tracking numbers soon to follow!

We have already started shipment of the preorders!

Preorders include our Kickstarter and Indiegogo preorders, and preorders made on the website until August 17, 2019.

Orders made after the given date will be sent a few weeks later.*


We have already shipped the non-EU preorders. (The non-EU preorders are those that are not part of the European Union or the European Economic Area.)

If you want to verify if your order is part of the EU batch or not, you can email us at

We will soon be sending out the tracking numbers in the next few days so you can monitor the status of the delivery. 

Normally, these deliveries would take 8-10 days minimum and 15 days maximum. It may take less time for some countries like Japan and Australia, but it is possible that it may take 15 days or longer to reach the US.

We've also received notice from China EMS that due to some areas in the USA with expected blizzards, such as Chicago and New York, some mails will be delayed.


For the EU-preorders (all orders made in the European Union), we expect the keyboards to arrive Spain on the 28th of December.

We will sort the keyboards in our warehouse here in Spain. Afterwards, we will ship the keyboards via DHL to the final destination.

We will send out the tracking numbers once the products have been dispatched.

For those who weren't aware of why we separated the non-EU preorders to EU preorders, it was because we wanted to pay the VAT for the EU preorders. So the best solution for this was to ship the keyboards to Spain first and then to the European destinations.


Your orders will also be sent to Spain and will be stored in our warehouse. Once we finish shipping out the EU PREORDERS, we will then start the shipment of the web orders that were made starting August 18, 2019 onwards.


If you have questions about your order, feel free to contact us at

We will try as much as possible to reply promptly. 

We’re all very excited for you to receive your Dygma Raise keyboards! The journey has been long and eventful and now we’ve finally come close to the end.

Close to the end 😌

After almost 2 years, enduring many obstacles, experiencing delays with manufacturing, and finding problems even until the packing process, we’re more than relieved to say that your orders are already in the hands of the shipping companies and will soon be at your doorstep 😆

Words cannot describe how very excited we are for you to receive your Dygma Raise keyboards!! The journey has been long and eventful and now we’ve finally come close to the end! 

Thank you ever so much again for supporting our project and seeing things through with us. It's been emotional. Rest assured we'll continue to post more updates in the coming weeks.


Much love,

- Dygma Team

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