Getting ready to make 50 Raise 2 test keyboards! - Dygma News #20

Raise 2 manufacturing update

As the Raise 2 Launch Campaign enters its final countdown, today's news is all about the Raise 2.

We've got answers to your most common questions, the latest manufacturing updates, and your friendly reminder to take advantage of the Launch Campaign pre-order prices.

This is crazy, but for $299, you can have a brand new Dygma Raise 2 - it's the best deal you'll get for this keyboard, EVER.

In less than 48 hours (at midnight on April 25th) these discounts for the Raise 2 will end, so hurry up if you want to save big bucks.

The Raise 2 campaign and special prices end soon

For as low as $299, you can already buy a Raise 2. Which in retail will be $369, so you'll be saving $70 by pre-ordering it now.

Raise 2 Launch Campaign prices

These special prices will end on April 25 ⌛

Now it's time for some frequently asked questions.

Can I change my order before shipment?

Absolutely; just email us at, and we'll sort you out.

Can I upgrade my add-ons once I receive my keyboard?

No, unfortunately you cannot. Actually, we explained this in our previous video, so you can check it out if you're interested.

Can I cancel before it ships?

Yes, you can, and you will get a full refund.

Can I return the keyboard if I don't like it?

Of course, you can! You have 30 days after receiving it to return it. You just need to pay for shipping back for us.

Why do the Spanish, Nordic, and German keycaps cost extra?

The answer is in the supply and demand. The English US or English UK keycaps are way quicker to manufacture - there are just more of them readily available, and more people are getting this language. Whereas the other keycap sets are custom laser-etched.

Dygma Raise 2

And as for the switches, the Gateron Yellow, Silent Brown, and Box White are the most popular ones, so that's why they're included in the price.

Who's responsible for customs, duties, and taxes?

If you're ordering from the US, there are no import duties.

If you're ordering within the European Union, VAT is included and we will pay the import fees and taxes. 

For other parts of the world, there may be additional fees depending on the country. You can check this link for more information about additional costs.

When is the keyboard going to be shipped?

It is on schedule for October 2024, but let's see what Manel, our Lead Product Manager says.

What's the manufacturing status of the Raise 2?

Raise 2 in progress

We have a lot of new samples of the Raise 2, like PCBs, top panels, tenting legs, bases, palm pads and travel cases.

The best news so far is that we've already manufactured the 50 PCBs we need for the Design Validation Test.

Raise 2 PCB

We have our first panel samples, and we’re quite happy about them; some small changes are needed to make them perfect, mostly at the finishing parts, as marked by the stickers.

Raise 2 panel sample

The base block is also getting on point, which is super important because it holds the tenting system and the Neuron hole, so it must be really precise.

As for the tenting, we received the samples of all the components, and we're validating them now. The aluminum legs are good and strong enough, but we need to work more on the reverse tilting: the two positions we want aren’t acceptable yet, but the dimensions are good overall.

Raise 2 tenting leg

The palm pads are the same in softness and fabric as the Defy, but we've made some improvements here, too. We removed the plastic part in the middle since it wasn't necessary.

Many of you are interested in the travel case, so here's a sample for you: the keyboard, the Neuron, and all the cables fit perfectly in it.

Travel case

Next month, Manel, Stefan, our lead hardware engineer and Arturo, our industrial engineer, will go to China to oversee the Design Validation Test. This is one of the most important milestones.

We'll manufacture 50 test keyboards and make the necessary improvements before starting the final Mass Production.

As you can see, creating this keyboard is a serious business, as it takes a lot of iterations to get the perfect fit for every component. But as always, we're determined to face all the challenges and build the keyboard of your dreams.

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