The new Bazecor 1.0 (beta) is here with lots of new features

by Miquel Corbí on September 09, 2021

Hi there, awesome Dygmates!

As you know, we've been working nonstop to improve Bazecor, the configurator software of the Dygma Raise. Thanks to your feedback and collaboration, we finally have a beta version of our brand new Bazecor 1.0!

This version is different from our previous versions, as we've completely overhauled the software and the firmware.

We are in beta testing, which means we are in open development and asking for feedback from our community.

Join the conversation on Reddit and give us your feedback!

We have frequently been releasing updated beta versions with bug fixes and new features. 

We are currently on Beta 10.

⬇️ Bazecor 1.0.0 Beta 10

September 14, 2021 | DownloadWindows // MacOS // Linux

Please download it, test it, and report what's not working properly. We will fix it asap 👨‍💻

After downloading Bazecor, you will need to update your keyboard's firmware to use all the new functionalities.

Note: There's a small bug in this version where the Bazecor will still tell you that your firmware is Beta9 even though you update to Beta10. We'll get rid of it in Beta 11.

What's new with Bazecor 1.0:

1. Improved stability and faster development speed 🐛

To achieve the desired stability, we had to refactor the code. That took, but finally, Bazecor is stable.

Users who didn't experience random bugs won't feel the difference, but this is a massive upgrade for those who frequently suffered the white screens of death.

Also, the implementation of new features and bug fixes is much quicker now.

2. Improved UX & UI: learning how to use Bazecor and editing your layers is easier than ever 🎨

We've redesigned Bazecor aiming for simplicity. It's now easier to learn for new users. And current users will find that they can edit their layers faster than ever.

  • We've rewritten all the text of menus and buttons to be more self-explanatory.
  • We've added tooltips for further explanation of the most complex functions.
  • We've removed duplicated functionalities.
  • We've made some functions easier to access. For example, the macro editor is in its own window instead of embedded on the Keyboard Configurator menu.

Nevertheless, UX and UI are still in heavy development. This beta will help us understand what works best for you and implement the changes. By the end of the beta, we hope all the key features are perfect.

3. New layout editor to config your layers fasters 🚀

All other software force you to open toggle after toggle and to use the search functionality.

We've minimized toggles aiming to have every key one click away.

4. New firmware update process ⬆️

Let's face it. Our previous firmware update process was a pain in the rear. The instructions were vague, and it failed too many times.

The new process is seamless, with fewer steps that are easier to understand, images to explain it where necessary, an automatic backup feature, and visual confirmation of how the firmware update progresses.

5. New automatic backup feature 🤖

Did you ever feel the pain of not having a backup of a layer that you just obliterated? Did you forget to backup your layers before a firmware update that went South? Wouldn't it be great to be able to backup preferences and other settings?

Worry no more.

Now, every time you save your layouts, macros, or preferences, a new backup of your whole keyboard's configuration is saved to your hard drive.

To restore a backup, go to Preferences > Restore and select the backup you want to restore. By default, the backup folder is set to be Raise/Backup at your userspace. However, you can change it in the Preferences screen.

6. Superkeys (Tap Dance)🦸🏻‍♀️

We've saved the best new feature for last. Superkeys are here!!

Superkeys allow up to 5 different functions in a single key. You activate each function with a tap, hold, tap and hold, double-tap or double-tap and hold. This allows you to create crazy combinations to boost your workflow.

Here are three examples of what Superkeys are capable of:

Advice for Superkeys users:

While setting up Superkeys, have in mind:

  • Tap options don't allow modifiers, like Shift, Control, Alt, etc.
  • You can select Layer Lock but not Layer Switch.
  • Superkeys require time to get used to. Be patient, your muscle memory will build up with time 😊

Why do we call it Superkeys instead of Tap Dance?

Tap Dance is one of many plugins that both QMK and Kaleidoscope have. Both plugins in both firmware work differently.

It's a plugin that works similarly to parts of other plugins that already exist. This redundancy creates a confusing user experience. You can configure the same thing in multiple places.

For us, there are normal keys and Superkeys. We think that Tap Dance is part of what you can do with Superkeys. Superkeys contain all the plugins with the functionality that enhances the output of a key.

The result we aim for is a much simpler experience for Raise users.

However, we haven't accomplished our goal yet. For example, right now, you can only configure Move to Layer keys on the tap effects. We are working to allow Shift to layer functionalities on the hold effects. And there are more advanced options that are still being developed.

🆕 What's new in Beta 10

September 14, 2021 | DownloadWindows // MacOS // Linux

Now you can make pull requests in Github for the beta 🛠️ 🧑‍💻 🎆

We've merged the beta code with the main branch in Github.

This means you can help us by making pull requests in Github, and we will evaluate and merge them, just like many of you have been doing with 0.3.3 and previous versions of Bazecor.

We really appreciate your contributions! Together, we can make Bazecor as awesome as we can imagine 💪

Special thanks to GazHankpabrams, and AriPerkkio for their latest contributions, some of which we have incorporated in this beta and others are still pending 🤗

Improvements to the UI & UX 🖌️

  • Now you can edit the name of your layers on the layout editor (YAY!!). Just go to the left-side layers menu and double-click on the layer to edit its name. Click on any other layer to exit the name editing mode.
  • Added Unicode characters (emojis and symbols) for media keys and OSX modifiers.
  • We have fancy new buttons for saving and discarding changes to layouts and macros. They are easier to spot and have a cleaner look.
  • Small tweaks to the preference window responsiveness and menus. Now it has a more polished design.

Other bugs fixed 🐞

  • Fixed a Superkeys bug where the keyboard would input 4 taps instead of 2 taps if you double-tapped a key and quickly pressed another key simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug where Bazecor could not connect with the Raise in old computers with USB 2.0. It would make the Raise reset in a loop when trying to connect.
  • Improved overall stability thanks to an update to Serialport 9.2.1, React 17.0.2, and Electron 13.4.0.

🆕 What's new in Beta 9

September 9, 2021 | Download - Windows // MacOS // Linux

Improvements and fixes in the Preferences menu 🎨:

In Beta 8, we revamped the preferences menu, but we're still working on it and tweaking the design.

  • The preferences sections are now responsive and re-arrange themselves when the window is resized.
  • We've adjusted some preferences again, so they are easier to understand and configure.
  • The "Save preferences" button is always visible. Now you won't have to scroll to get to it.
  • Some of you didn't like the "roundness" of the sections, so we've toned it down a bit.
  • We've fixed some stability issues when changing certain values.

New preferences menu in bazecor

Flashing the Raise ⚡

  • Now it's possible to flash the firmware in Bootloader mode.

Other bugs fixed 🐞

  • Fixed a bug where if a Superkey had "2tap + hold" configured but nothing on "2tap", it didn't input anything. Now it inputs "tap" twice.
  • Fixed a bug where "Enter text" would input the wrong symbols on some languages.
  • The hold function of "Layer & Key" wouldn't change layers until you pressed another key. We thought we had fixed this issue in Beta 8, but it would sometimes come back. We've exterminated this bug forever ☄️

We are working hard to release a new beta twice a week, so don't forget to come back to see what's new. We're working on new features and improvements!

🆕 What's new in Beta 8:

September 7, 2021 | Download - Windows // MacOS // Linux

UX & UI overhaul of the preferences menu 🎨

We have completely revamped the preferences menu, setting the look & feel for future improvements in other screens of Bazecor.

  • A new, reorganized, and more polished user interface that doesn't take so much space on the screen.
  • We've grouped and simplified some parameters, so it's easier to configure, although we are working on advanced settings for those willing to tweak every parameter.
  • Clearer texts and tooltips to better understand what each parameter modifies
  • The "Default layer" dropdown menu now goes from 1 to 10 instead of 0 to 9.

It's still a work in progress, so any extra feedback would be really appreciated.👍

Layer & Key fixes 🔑

  • Fixed a bug where "Layer & Key" wouldn't actually change to the selected layer until you pressed another key.
  • "One-shot layers" and "Layer & Key" now reference layers from 1 to 10 instead of 0 to 9.

Other bugs 🐞

  • Fixed a bug where if you double-tapped a Superkey with only "Tap" and "Hold", it didn't emit the second tap.
  • The new firmware update process didn't allow "Bootloader mode" to reset your Neuron.

There are still other bugs to squash, and we are working on more improvements. As soon as most bugs and features are released, we'll focus on the UI.

🆕 What's new in Beta 7:

01/09/2021 | Download - Windows // MacOS // Linux

In this update, we've focused on fixing many small bugs that you've been reporting and a few extra improvements along the way.

We fixed the new firmware update process ⬆️

  • The new firmware update process was not starting if you didn't have ESC mapped to the top left key. Now it works whatever you have mapped on the top left key.
  • Fixed multiple visual bugs on light mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the Raise went into Rainbow mode after restoring the layers if the process failed. Now it correctly applies the custom color layout.

Superkeys fixes 🦸

  • Fixed multiple bugs that made the Hold action not work properly
  • Fixed a bug in Windows; Shift worked for capitalized letters but didn't work to select multiple folders.
  • Now "Move to layer" can be triggered by a hold.
  • In macOS, there was a bug when CMD was assigned as a hold.
  • Fixed a bug that caused modifiers not to apply while using a Superkey
  • Fixed a bug where the Superkeys parameters changed after saving them in "Preferences".

Macros fixes ✍️

  • Fixed multiple bugs related to the visualization of macros' names.
  • Fixed a bug where macros didn't save properly when clicking the save button.
  • Importing the macros from Bazecor 0.3.3 or previous now works properly.

UX/UI fixes 🎨

  • Some texts in dark and light mode couldn't be read. We've changed the color schemes in those sections so the texts can be easily read.
  • We've removed several horizontal scroll bars on the macros section.

Other bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed a bug where "Copy from layer" didn't show you what layer you were copying from.
  • Fixed several "Transparent" key visual bugs that made configuring it confusing.
  • Fixed a bug where One-Shot Modifiers only allowed Ctrl to be selected. Now you can select any modifier.

🆕 What's new in Beta 6

20/08/2021 | Download - Windows // MacOS // Linux

New features 🎉

  1. Automatic backup feature

    Having a robust and effortless backup system is something you've been asking for a long time. It's finally here!

    • Every time you save your layouts, macros, or preferences, a new backup of your whole keyboard's configuration is saved to your hard drive.
    • By default, the backup folder is set to be Raise/Backup at your userspace. You can change it in the Preferences screen.
    • All the backups filename contain the time and day they were created.
    • To restore a backup, go to Preferences > Restore and select the backup you want to restore.
    • We've removed the all-layers backup button in the Layout Editor. You will be able to export and import individual layers and import old all-layers backups.
  2. Improved firmware update process.

    Having to perfectly time pressing the Esc key to start flashing the firmware was kind of nerve-wracking. We've removed steps and made them easier to understand and follow.

    • From now on, a backup of your keyboard's configuration will be created when you update the firmware.
    • When you press the Esc key, the firmware process will start. No need to sync with a countdown anymore.
    • Added visual steps to the process, so it's easy to understand when has the flashing process ended.
  3. New Superkey functionalities:

    • Hold can now trigger a Move to layer action.
    • Now you can add F13 to F24 keys.
  4. Implemented Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic keyboard layouts

    We will continue adding layouts through the beta.

UX/UI improvements 🎨

  1. Improvements to the Macro's editor:
    • Removed the need to "Apply changes" when creating macros. Now, any change done on a macro is saved automatically.
    • Merged the Restore/Import and Backup/Export buttons. Now, a dropdown menu will let you select if you want to import or export just one macro or all of them.
  2. Layer numbers will now start at Layer 1 instead of Layer 0.
  3. On the sidebar menu:
    1. The active tab is now highlighted.
    2. Removed "Exit Bazecor" button. It was a bit redundant.
  4. Tooltips are now more useful:
    • They are now properly formatted and give a more precise and easy-to-understand description.
    • Tooltips sometimes kept showing even though you were not hovering them.

Other bug fixes 🐞

  • Improved stability and several visual bugs.
  • In the Layout Editor, when you selected a layer in Layer Switch, Layer Lock, One-Shot Layer, or Layer & Key, the names of the other dropdown menus disappeared.
  • In the configurator keyboard, the left Shift key icon overlapped the key next to in ISO layouts.
  • Bazecor could crash when no color was selected in the color configurator.
  • In the configurator keyboard of the Layout Editor, the symbol of the Enter key is now centered.

    What's new with Beta 5

    20/08/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

    Superkey bug fixes

    • When tapping two Superkeys one after the other, only the first Superkeys was registered.
    • While editing Superkeys, if you added a modifier to a key (like W+CTRL), a random number was highlighted in the key selection visualization rather than the key itself.
    • When rapidly tapping another key after tapping a Superkeys with two actions (like A on tap and Shift on hold), the Superkeys would act as a hold instead of a tap. So if you typed "ah" too fast, it would show "H" instead.

      Other bug fixes

      • The new firmware available notification kept showing even if the firmware was up to date.
      • The color picker did not show properly, and it was impossible to select a color.
      • When upgrading from 0.33 or loading old layouts, the macros didn't work. Now a pop-up window offers you the option to update them, so they work.

        New features

        • In the firmware screen, besides seeing which firmware you have, now you also get to see which firmware is the latest available.
        • Now you can name Superkeys, and its name will show on the key.

          UX/UI Improvements

          • Multiple visual fixes on the keyboard menu editor so keys are easier to read.
          • For better clarity while editing layouts, the underglow is only shown while in color mode.

              Beta 4 fixes & improvements

              04/08/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

              1. Superkeys are now saved when you backup your layers

              2. In the previous beta versions 1-3, backing up your layers didn't save the Superkeys.
              3. Transparent keys are back!
              4. The OSL or One-Shot Layer feature is fixed.

              Beta 3 fixes & improvements

              27/07/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

              Fixes and improvements:

              1. Overlap threshold parameter added to configurator.
              2. Fixed bug in double-tap superkey when pressing very fast.
              3. Improved HOLD trigger for Superkeys when held for more than 100ms.
              4. Improved TAP trigger in Superkeys.
              5. Changed default Superkeys parameters as they were suggested here in Reddit.
              6. Fixed colors in the white version that were broken after changing them for the black version.
              7. Fixed a bug that caused Bazecor to crash:TypeError: Cannot read property ‘forEach’ of undefinedat KeyConfig_KeyConfig.componentDidUpdate (webpack:/src/renderer/components/KeyManager/KeyConfig.js:193)
              8. Changed Win keys to OS keys.
              9. Fixed: Layer Lock is selectable on Holds even though it's “disabled”.
              10. Added a slider in preferences to control the overlap_threshold for the Superkeys.

              Beta 2 fixes & improvements

              22/07/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

              Fixes and improvements:

              1. Dark theme buttons and texts colors changed, so texts are readable. Thanks, u/hotpnu/365lolAs. As a side unintended side effect, the light version looks a bit worse. We'll fix it.
              2. One-shot layers and One-shot modifiers are back. Thank you, u/Systemising_Brain.
              3. F13-24 keys are back. Thank you, u/hotpnu/365lol.
              4. Superkeys "None selected" now works properly. Thank you, u/ColCancermanu/Merge_Conflicts.
              5. ANSI keyboard is correctly represented on the keyboard menu. Thank you u/365lol
              6. Multiple macros improvement:
                1. Improved a few visual bugs on the editor
                2. Macro names appear on the Keyboard editor when selecting them
                3. Only configured macros are shown
              7. And fixed other minor visual inconsistencies on the sidebar and options menu.

              Beta 1

              21/07/2021 | Download Windows // MacOS // Linux

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