Enhance your productivity with a split programmable keyboard

With our configurator software, you can remap any key and create up to 10 full programmable layers. Plus, with superkeys, macros and shortcuts, the possibilities are limitless.

You can access all the releases on Github and you can also check our development roadmap.

Customize your layout

Re-map any key and create custom, quick-access layers to speed up your workflow. Re-locate high-frequency keys to the ergonomic thumb cluster for maximum efficiency.
10 layers
8 thumbkeys
  • Shift to layer

    Hold the key to use any key on the layer that you shifted to. When you release it, you’ll go back to the initial layer.

  • Move to layer

    Tap the key to move to the desired layer. Tap it again to return to the initial layer.

  • One-shot layer

    A combination of hold to shift, double tap to move to layer and tap to reset after 1 key stroke, all in just one key.

Combo Keys

Imagine you could combine any number of modifiers with any key. Well, that’s possible with Combo Keys!

Using complex key combos has never been easier. Create a layer with your most used ones and you're good to go

Dual-Function Keys

Dual-Function keys can perform different actions while held or tapped. You can have a Shift to layer on hold and enter on tap. Or Control on hold and Space on tap. Just as you like.

Bazecor Interative Macro Editor

Macro Keys

Macros are sequences of events (such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, and delays) that can be played back to help with repetitive strings of texts or tasks.

They can also be used to replay sequences that are long or difficult to run.

Fully customizable RGB

The LEDs can serve as visual support for your changes. Use different lighting for different layers, or use them to improve your touch-typing.

Give your keys superpowers

Superkeys allow up to 5 different functions in a single key. You activate each function with a tap, hold, tap and hold, double-tap or double-tap and hold.

This allows you to create crazy combinations to boost your workflow.

Mouse control

Bazecor allows you to bind mouse actions to your keyboard. You can configure mouse movement, clicks, or even the mouse wheel.

This lets you keep your hands on the programmable split keyboard and avoid unnecessary movements to reach the mouse.

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With this playlist, you'll learn everything you need to master your split programmable keyboard, from changing keys and layers to creating awesome macros.
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How to improve your productivity with a split programmable keyboard

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