June Updates: DVT samples and updates for the mechanical keyboard

June Updates: DVT samples and updates for the mechanical keyboard
Hello everyone!

DVT samples

We received the DVT samples from China early last week. We’ve been busy these last few days checking and testing all of them and planning our next steps. We were able to identify some problems and we were able to fix most of them. 
A few units have minor manufacturing defects like one side would wobble if you laid it on a flat surface and pressed down one of the edges. This is because the top panel isn't completely leveled or flat. There was an unevenness of 0.2mm to 0.5mm. This is mainly due to how the top panel is stamped. 
So now we created a more strict quality control document for our metal factory.  They will have to disregard all top panels that come out uneven.

Default layout

The main thing we worked on was the electronics and the software. We also updated the firmware of the PCBs and created a default layout for when you plug in the keyboard to the computer. 

This is a provisional and basic layout. We want it to be simple for everyone to understand. It is the base layout from where you can easily create your own.

Samples ready to be sent

Now the samples are ready to be sent out to influencers for review and to some backers for testing. This version of the Raise isn’t the final product and as we said, some of them have minor flaws. But we're excited to send out a few just for testing.

Most of them are the black version but we do have a few silver ones. We only have them in English US and Spanish keycaps, and the mounted switches are a split between Cherry MX Red and Kailh Speed Copper.

We’ve decided that we will send out 4 units to our backers living here in Valencia so we can closely monitor them as they test the Raise on a daily basis. We will then send 10 units to our backers from around the world and the rest to micro influencers. These people will be selected in the next week or two.

Manufacturing Updates 

Palm pads

One more component that needed modification was the palm pads. We checked them in the DVT samples and they didn’t have the quality we wanted. We realized that this was a complicated component to create as it has a unique shape and material. So we told the factory to keep trying to make one that met our requirements. Since then, we have done 4 different samples of the black one. The last one we received was really good! So now we have a solution for the black ones. Now we are working on finding a nice top material (the skin) for the silver version.


Excluding the palm pads, all of the components of the Raise are already done. What we’ve been working on a lot now is the electronics, mainly the PCBs of the Raise. We had to go back and forth fixing issues encountered almost on a daily basis, but luckily Matt, our CTO, was able to fix them.

We had to make a new design for the PCBs with the requirements given by our new PCBA factory. Good thing the PCB modifications were much easier than expected and have already been done.

If you didn’t read our last update, we had to change PCBA factories due to quality concerns. 

We sent the new gerbers to the new factory yesterday and the plan now is for them to make 100 units of the PCBs as a trial run. We will then have them certified and hopefully, everything turns out well and we can finally start mass production! 

Thank you all so much for your continued support despite the delay. We will make sure you guys receive the most amazing keyboard you’ve long been waiting for! 

- Dygma Team


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