June Updates: Part 1

June Updates: Part 1

As you might already know, we at Dygma highly prioritize quality, and all the modifications we’ve done with the Raise were always directed towards making the product better. 

After the DVT (Design Validation Test), we found that there were still some components that needed ironing out before launching mass production. Thus mass production has been delayed.

These issues were mainly due to quality control and management within the factories. 


The base was one of the components that needed refining. During the DVT, its quality was inconsistent; the light of the underglow didn’t have the intensity that we saw in previous samples. We told the factory to make a new one with the correct polycarbonate formula and to make some tooling modifications to give more polish to the base.

The factory sent it over to us from China. It arrived last Friday. And now, we have validated the new base! Can you guess which side is the new one? Left side or right? 

CLUE: More intensity!

The right side has more intensity. You can really tell the difference in the photo above. That will be our new and final base.

Quality Inspection Specifications 

In the last 2 weeks, Manel, our Product Manager, was working on finalizing the Quality Inspection Specifications of each component of the Raise. This was an important document that needed a lot of work. As long as we have the correct and detailed quality control measures for each component in the assembly factory, then we can ensure that the final product will meet our standards.

Purchase Orders for mass production have been sent

Another important document that we finalized and sent out was the Purchase Orders. So now the factories are preparing to manufacture all of your orders in the next few weeks. Exciting! 

DVT samples from China

We still haven’t received the DVT samples from China. We are expecting 30 samples and they should have arrived early last week but they got stuck in Paris airport. We were told that we will receive them this week. Once we receive them, we will check them ourselves and maybe send some out to influencers or media companies or maybe even to some of you backers who want to test it out before mass production. 

Nothing has been finalized but we will keep you all in the loop!

PCBA Factory change

As we said earlier, quality is number one. And if you remember in our last update, we had a difficult time dealing with our PCBA factory. Their SMT (Surface-mount technology) was poor and we weren’t happy with their work.

It was a tough decision to make but finally, we decided to change factories. It might be late in the process to change factories but we believe this was the right decision.

The new PCBA factory has higher expertise and is familiar with using the Kaihua sockets in the PCBs. They also have machines that do resistance testing for the sockets. We are confident that they will do a better job than the other factory.

The next step is they will make a set of our PCBs for validation.

Configurator software

We have a new version of the configurator software. It’s still the MVP but we’ve implemented some new cool features:

  • Control of the underglow lights
  • ANSI and ISO layout recognition
  • New color picker 
  • Dark interface version 

We've been working with a javascript programmer and he finally received the PCBs we sent so we are quickly moving forward and improving the configurator. We will have more to show this week!

Matt’s Q&A interview 

We’ve also managed to squeeze in some fun content for our Youtube channel. We did a Q&A session with our CTO, Matt. This was our 3rd video of our Q&A series. 

Matt did a little performance for us with his DJ and beatboxing skills. It was a fun video interview and we’re planning on doing more fun content like this in the future. Do you guys have any suggestions of other content you’d like us to make? Don't be shy to let us know in the comments below!

You can check our other Q&A videos here.

That's all for now guys. 

We will try to post more updates as we approach mass production. We might have already passed the “worst case scenario” timeline but we hope that by sharing our developments, you can understand our side of the process and why things have been pushed back. We're nearly there!!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to write them down below or simply email us at contact@dygma.com.

Thank you for reading!

- Dygma Team


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