Dygma News #5 - How much will the Defy cost and more

Dygma News #5 - How much will the Defy cost and more

The Kickstarter campaign of the Dygma Defy is just around the corner, and a lot is going on here at Dygma.

So here’s all the latest from Dygma HQ, including how much the Dygma Defy will cost and more news.

New Bazecor Beta 14 rocking the new looks

We have just released a new beta of Bazecor, our configurator software.

This beta is the first one with the new UX & UI that we’ve been working on for the last few months.

The look & feel has been revamped, but the key focus has been the ease of use. To do this, we hired a UX assassin (Thiago Hernandez) to wireframe each function of Bazecor (you can only imagine 😳 ) and build the UI & UX from the ground up.

bazecor beta 14 dygma

The implementation is still a work in progress, -at first glance, you’ll notice that the keyboard representation is still the old one- but it’s now looking so much nicer.

You can read all about it and download the beta here. If you find any bugs, please report them on Reddit, Discord or send us an email at contact@dygma.com.

New Royal Purple Limited Editions

royal purple dygma raise

More big NEWS is the Royal Purple Limited Edition of the Dygma Raise.

It’s one of the most beautiful colors we’ve made so far, and they sold out like hotcakes, leaving many of you wanting more.

Honestly, we didn’t expect that you were gonna love it so much, so we’ll consider doing another batch in the future.

New hires

new hires dygma

Another new thing that you might’ve noticed if you’ve watched our latest videos: we have a new in-house videographer and video editor.

Thanks to his great work, we’ve been able to step up our video production and have had a lot of fun in the process.

Dygma defy new videos

But Julian hasn’t been our only recent hire. We also have a new firmware engineer, Juan, who’ll help us get rid of those firmware-related bugs in Bazecor but, most importantly, he’ll be in charge of the firmware of the new Dygma Defy.


Ok, we said it. Here are all the details of the Dygma Defy campaign 😁

When will it launch and how much will the Dygma Defy cost?

dygma defy release information

Since we announced the new Dygma Defy, there have been two recurring questions: when and how much.

Our initial plan was to launch the Kickstarter campaign in late April. We have almost everything ready, but we wanted to make an unforgettable video, and that is taking some extra time.

But it’s probably the “How much” question that many of you want us to answer.

We wanted the Dygma Defy to have a similar price as the Raise -which starts at $319- but we also wanted it to have extra features, like built-in tenting, wireless connectivity, and a better underglow, among others.

dygma defy add-ons

However, with production costs rising and realizing that not everybody wants to pay for all those features, we found a great solution: we would offer a base Dygma Defy that you could customize with add-ons, like toppings on a pizza 🍕

So, to sum up: on Kickstarter, the base Dygma Defy will cost €279 (roughly $299), and you’ll be able to add the extras you want.

Those extras are wireless connectivity, tenting, and underglow. The per-key RGB backlight is standard, which means you can customize the color of each key independently. The good news is the extras will be heavily discounted during the campaign and will cost approximately $50 each.

Join our VIP list to guarantee a free add-on

dygma kickstarter vip

Of course, we’ll offer early-bird discounts, but there’s even better news: you can guarantee yourself one of those extras for free if you reserve your Defy before the campaign.

Just head over to kickstarter.dygma.com/vip and lock your free add-on.

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