Configurator Software Updates

by Dominique Garcia on September 25, 2019

Now that manufacturing is already in production, we have been working nonstop on the configurator software. Here are the new updates:

New Key Configuration Menu

The software in dark mode and light mode.

This is the latest version of the key configurator menu. We think it has a better user experience as you clearly see all the key options you have. What do you think?

English and Spanish Language

Now you can select either English or Spanish as the keycap language that you would like to be configured on your Raise.

We are still working on the other languages: French, Japanese, Nordic, and German.

Creating 10 layers

The configurator software now supports up to 10 layers.

Programming the underglow LEDs

We are working on the option to configure the LEDs of the underglow. We divided the underglow into small sections. You can program each section to have different colors. You can also select the entire underglow to be one color. These color combinations will be connected to your layers.

We are estimating that this feature will be done in the next day or two.

That's all for the updates.

Thanks for reading! If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to comment below!



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by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Hi Le, the Raise has open-source hardware and software. So that makes our API shared by default, and should make it easy for any developer to do integration work.

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Hi Erick, we are still working on this! Since we are still making a lot of improvements to the software we can’t give full access to any one. As of now, you can only access the software if a Raise is connected.

by Erick Barron some time ago

Looks good. I think you should allow us to get access to the configurator so that when we get the keyboard we can just upload our profile.

by Justin Soingco some time ago

The software is looking clean and simple, I like it. Will all ten layers be able to be downloaded as onboard memory without having to have the program constantly running?

by Le some time ago

Will there be any kind of API accessible, so we coders can get our hands dirty and customize it even more with code?

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Hey Justin, yes you can import/export a file of each layout.


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