New Bazecor 0.3.5 with updated firmware and new LED effects ✨

New Bazecor 0.3.5 with updated firmware and new LED effects ✨

Many of you might have wondered what on the name of Thor has our development team been doing since the release of the last Bazecor 1.0 Beta 13 back in, OMG! December??!! 🙈

Well, they were not in the Bahamas. We've been working on the new UX & UI of Bazecor, but, mainly, on this: the new Bazecor 0.3.5.

But why release this if we were so deep into Bazecor 1.0.0 Beta? Basically, we've updated the firmware to the latest Kaleidoscope version, which has changed how superkeys work, so we are redoing them.

While we do that, and because we also added new cool LEDs effects and squashed some bugs, we decided to release this version with the new firmware for those of you who don't use the Beta or the Superkeys.

⬇️ Bazecor 0.3.5 Windows // macOS // Linux

  • 🚨 Remember to update your firmware to use all the new functionalities.
  • 💡 We're working on a new Beta with this firmware, but you can update to this firmware and still use Bazecor Beta 13. However, you'll lose your Superkeys.
  • ⏫ If you want, you can download just the firmware and use the Load Custom FW option in Bazecor Beta 13 to flash it. That way, you don't need to download Bazecor 0.3.5. Superkeys won't work either way.
  • 🛑  We recommend making or identifying a backup before updating the firmware. For Bazecor 0.3.5. you have to manually backup your layers. On Beta 13, backups are automatic. You can locate them in the preferences menu of the beta. That way, you can go back to the previous firmware and recover your Superkeys if you miss them.

🆕 What's new in Bazecor 0.3.5

New LED effects 🚥

These new LED effects include Digital Rain -a Matrix-like effect- and Wave Pool, which reacts to your typing.

Plus, the input lag while using LED effects is gone! 🪦



New firmware 💿

We've updated the firmware to the latest Kaleidoscope version, improving the structure, code quality, and overall speed.

It's also easier to add new plugins and the reworked Focus API backend allows for faster implementation of future functionalities.

The software is now code signed on Windows and Mac 🔏

This has been a long and painful process, but it means no more alert screens when installing or opening the software for the first time 🙌

Sleep and wake from sleep works like a charm 💤

Now, the keyboard shuts down and wakes up when the computer does, and, most importantly, the computer wakes up when you press any key.

Bug fixes 🐞

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you would not see the colors of the destination layer until a key was pressed.
  • Improved NKEY rollover performance
  • Fixed a bug where “shift to layer” would not bring you back to your previous layer after releasing the key.
  • Dual-function keys and one-shot layer keys are now more stable and switch faster.

As mentioned, we're working on Bazecor 1.0.0 Beta 14 at the moment. The firmware update has completely changed how Superkeys work, so we're redoing them.

On the bright side, this should fix many of the pesky Superkeys bugs we haven't been able to tackle until now 💪

Talk soon!

— The Dygma Team

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