All Defy keyboards from China shipped! 🎉

All Defy keyboards from China shipped! 🎉

Hey, Dygmates! Here is the last update of this exciting and bumpy year.

First of all, we hope you are enjoying Christmas! We hope Santa came by and dropped a Defy 🎁

For those who are waiting for it, we have good news. Today, all the remaining keyboard configurations have been assembled and picked up at the factory, and they are on their way to the logistics center to be shipped 😊

Yes, you read right: we've manufactured everything we had to manufacture in China 🍾

Is my defy manufactured?

This means that almost all orders have been fulfilled, and only a few that should have shipped from Spain remain. More on that later.

So by now, if your keyboard is not already on its way, you must have received an email with one of these three messages:

  • Your keyboard has been shipped from China (trackings next week)
  • Your keyboard will be shipped from Spain in January
  • We’ve offered you additional keycaps or switches to ship your keyboard from China next week instead of waiting until it ships from Spain.

If you haven’t received one of these emails, please email us at so we can determine your keyboard’s status. Don’t forget to check your spam before writing us 🙏

Why are keyboards being shipped to Spain during January?

During the last month, we have custom-built and shipped over 200 recent and unique orders from Spain 💃

Our goal was to have them all shipped by today. However, we discovered quality issues in some components that didn’t allow us to assemble all the orders.

But worry not: we are express-shipping more parts to Spain, and we'll finish assembly as soon as they arrive. 

Wait a second, what exactly do you mean with option 3?

Imagine you ordered a full-spec black keyboard with black English keycaps and Gateron Yellows. We can’t assemble that configuration in Valencia right now –we don’t have enough components, as explained above– but we have that keyboard with black Nordic keycaps and Gateron Yellows in China.

To speed up the order by a few weeks, we offer to send you that keyboard AND a set of English keycaps for free so you can swap them out. In other cases, it’ll be extra switches or switches and keycaps. That will be explained in the email we send you.

Please reply to that email confirming that you’re okay with that, and we’ll proceed with shipping your keyboard and extras.

Bonus track: USPS massive fuck-up

A couple of days ago, many clients told us that their tracking status changed to deliver, but they hadn’t received their keyboards 😱

You can imagine how calmly our customer support team received the news.


Were the keyboards being delivered to the wrong address? Did someone make a mistake with the tracking numbers? If so, who?

After many hours of investigating and contacting agents from USPS, China Post, and our logistics center, we discovered that USPS had a colossal mix-up with the tracking numbers, affecting tens of thousands of users in the US from many couriers and shops.

Basically, they assigned the wrong tracking number to the packages from China, and many orders are being tagged as delivered when they are not.

Fortunately, the keyboards were not lost and are still being delivered correctly 😮‍💨

If you are one of those customers affected by the USPS mix-up and your order is marked as delivered, the most likely scenario is receiving it in the next three business days. It can also happen that you receive it without notice.

If your order is wrongfully tagged as delivered, please email ASAP so we can request the correct tracking number.

Last video of 2023: 9 questions with our CEO 

Most of our videos are focused on our keyboards, their features, and the processes behind them, but rarely do we share the thoughts of the team behind them. For this one, we interviewed our CEO, Luis Sevilla.

We discuss Dygma’s original vision and how it has changed, how the ergonomics industry will evolve during the upcoming decades, the biggest challenges of running a consumer electronic startup, some critical lessons on work-life balance, and many more.

If you find this interview interesting and have questions for our CEO or anyone in the Dygma, don’t hesitate to ask. We can record more of these interview-style videos covering topics of interest to you.

From the whole Dygma team: thanks for your support during a bumpy 2023. We’ll keep working hard to create unique products and improve our logistics.

We wish you an amazing new year! 🎊

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