New Dygma Raise 2! A Wireless (R)evolution

New Dygma Raise 2! A Wireless (R)evolution

This week, we have something very exciting to announce...

We know The Defy has been getting all of our attention recently, much like how the second child gets all the attention, leaving the eldest to be alone with their grandparents!

But we must remember where we came from, The Raise is the big reason why we are here.

So... The Raise is back and better than ever!


Introducing...The Raise 2 with:

Wireless connectivity

wireless connectivity

Ultrabright RGBW and underglow

RGBW and underglow

An integrated tenting kit

integrated tenting kit

Up to 60 degrees and reverse tilting

up to 60 degrees tenting

Hot-swappable switches

Raise 2 hot-swappable switches

A magnetic joint

The Raise 2 magnetic joint

And magnetic palm pads

magnetic palm pads

All ready for action and expansion

The Raise 2 expansion

Get The Raise 2 in Black and Silver...

the raise 2 in silver or black

or in Onyx, YinYang, Atlantis Blue, Daredevil Red, Egyptian Gold, or Royal Purple!

the raise 2 in gold, purple, blue and red

We know what you are gonna ask next. When can it be mine?!

Well, we can't give an answer to that just yet, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to be the first one to know.

Just go to

The Raise 2 set-up

We'll publish videos about all the new features of the Dygma Raise 2 in the next weeks. And you don't wanna miss that either, so make sure that you are subscribed to our YouTube channel.

And with that, there's only one more thing to say.


- The Dygma Team

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