A new experience to configure your Raise!

by Dominique Garcia on April 16, 2019

Hey there everyone!

We’ve designed a new experience to configure your Raise and we hope you and our future users will love it!

And now, we'd like to ask a favour... could you be one of our first beta testers and give us feedback? We'd really appreciate your help ?.


Raise has many configuration options, but we felt that the current website shop didn't bring out the most of the customization experience. We wanted to create a product configurator that's easy to navigate and fun! 

You can select the color, switches, and the keycap layout you want. You also have the chance to purchase add-ons, from an extra Neuron (formerly known as the Huble) to extra cables and o-rings!


Give it a try! And tell us what you think. What can we do to improve it? What are the things you like about it, and the things you don’t? We would gladly appreciate your feedback by replying to this article!

Thanks so much for helping us become a better company! ?

- Dygma Team



Make it your own

Choose between 7 languages,
6 mechanical switches,
and matte black or silver white.
Orders get FREE shipping,
new compact travel case,
and enhancement kit!
Starting at $319

Create Your Raise

FREE delivery available

2-YEAR Warranty

30-DAY return

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Thanks so much Leif! We do need the help of someone like yourself. Your comments have been very valuable! We’ll send you an email some time this week. Perhaps we’ll take you on that offer to help! :)

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Email sent!

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Good spot! Thanks Olivier!

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

You can reset by clicking the top panel (if you’re on mobile) where it says Build Summary, and click Reset Configuration. Or if you’re on a desktop, there’s the RESET button on the bottom left part of the screen. But maybe the text is too small and would make people miss it! Thanks for your feedback, Vaughn!

by Vaughn some time ago

I like that the configurator remembers my last build. I’m not seeing a way to easily reset though without going back to visit each section. It’s nice that it keeps it in case I want to order multiples of the same thing, but maybe there could be a one click reset for when I want to start over? Great work, I like the new experience a lot.

by Kwaark some time ago

yes please !

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Yes, we see that too. Thank you for your input!

by Olivier some time ago

the German layout :
“Language layout: QWERTY – ISO”
I think it’s a QUERTZ layout ;-)

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

We can only add it manually if you’ve already ordered using the old shop. Would you like to add it to your order?

by Dominique Garcia some time ago

Great feedback Wim! Thank you. We greatly appreciate you pointing these things out! We’ll work on them one by one.

by Kwaark some time ago

I tested it, it’s perfect :D
i see that we can add o rings ! i need that ! can I add them if a already ordered ?

by Kwaark some time ago

my order is #25952

by Christian some time ago

You should separate the “spare” parts from the other stuff. Was not initially clear if neruon and cables need to be selected (even though its listed if one checks the details).


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