10 reasons why you should get a Raise 2

10 reasons why you should get a Raise 2 keyboard

You may have already heard of the upcoming release of our new keyboard. And rightly so, the Raise 2 is kind of a big deal!... It has all the best features the Defy and the OG Raise have, but if it's not enough for you, we give 10 reasons why you should get this keyboard.

1. It's an ergonomic powerhouse.

Raise 2 split

The split design of the Raise 2 allows you to easily separate both halves, encouraging a healthier, more open-chested, upright posture. This minor adjustment is a true game-changer in dealing with and preventing problems in the lower back and neck.

It will also prevent rounded shoulders, an overly extended neck, and tighter hips later down the line. The thumb keys, or thumb clusters play a significant role in the Raise 2's ergonomic benefits too.

Raise 2 tented

You'll greatly reduce repetitive wrist motions, such as ulnar and radial deviation, by assigning the outer rim keys to the thumb cluster, such as shift and enter.

Finally, taking ergonomics one step further, the built-in tenting and reverse tilting help fight the problems caused by extended periods of hand pronation and wrist extension.

2. It truly adapts to your setup.

 Riase 2 with a notebook

It's compact and built to fit any desk. The split provides extra space in the middle where you can place a mouse, tablet, notebook, or whatever you can imagine.

3. It's fully programmable.

Remap keys in Bazecor

Using our software Bazecor, you can customize and remap every single key on the Raise 2. You can create up to 10 additional layers, giving you the power to switch from work mode to casual mode, to gaming mode, to time travel mode, and back again - seamlessly and at the touch of a key.

Dual-function keys, macros, and superkeys are all additional, awesome features that come with Bazecor - get creative and make your Dygma Raise 100% unique and 100% you.

And while we're on the topic of making your keyboard 100% you, why not jazz it up with a one-of-a-kind glow?

4. You can light it up with RGBW LEDs!

Raise to with RGBW LEDs

We ditched the RGB LEDs from the original Raise, and now every single key has a customizable RGBW LED. Each can be programmed to be one of over 16 million colors. That's right, over 16 million colors.

All those colors can be assigned directly through Bazecor, along with any brightness and intensity adjustments to suit the shine of your own epic setup perfectly.

5. It's easy to disassemble, clean & reassemble.

Cleaning the Raise 2

Did you know that computer keyboards contain 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat… Ideally, your keyboard should be wiped down once a week with a deeper clean every 4 - 6 weeks.

That's one of the reasons we made the Dygma Raise 2 so easy to disassemble. We've ditched the sticky palm pads of the original Dygma Raise and made the Raise 2's palm pads fully magnetic, as well as added improved softness for typing comfort.

Disassembling the Raise 2

All keycaps can be removed easily using the included keycap puller for those deeper cleans. All of our switches are hot-swappable, further adding to this epic keyboard's customizability.

6. It's expansion-ready!

Pogo pins on the Raise 2

You might have noticed the little pogo pins. We've always been interested in the idea of having a modular trackball, joysticks, and even more thumb keys. But we really haven't had the time to develop this concretely.

So, in the meantime, we've incorporated these little pogo pins, which add an enormous number of possibilities to expand the Raise 2 in the future.

The firmware is open-source, so we're super excited to see what our creative users can come up with.

7. It's the same, but better.

Raise 2 with everything the Raise and Defy has

When we built the original Raise, we truly believed, and still do believe, that we created the best keyboard. But with time came data collection from our own testing and the help and suggestions of our wonderful Dygmates.

We used all of that information to not only bring across the features of the Dygma Defy but to also massively improve the Dygma Raise 2.

If you're curious about which of the two to buy, watch this video.

8. It works with USBC cables, RF, and Bluetooth.

Raise 2 with wireless connectivity

With the Raise 2, you can connect via Bluetooth to up to 5 devices at a time. We've color-coded the keys on the Raise 2's Bluetooth pairing layer for easy pairing and switching between devices.

  • Blue keys = available channel
  • White keys = assigned channel
  • Green keys = active channel

Making the switch through available devices is as easy as pressing a key. But why do we need both Bluetooth and RF connectivity?

Latency. We covered this topic before, and you can learn more about it here.

It's basically the delay before a transfer of data. But if you're a gamer, you'll already know that.

A lower latency means less lag and smoother gameplay, although having a lower latency isn't a big deal for day-to-day computer tasks. In the world of gaming, it could mean the difference between life and death ☠️

9. Easily mountable.

Raise 2 with mountung screws on the back

Have you ever just wanted to lean back and work with the sensation of sinking into a deck chair on some tropical beach? 🏖️

It can be mounted anywhere! These mounting screws give you the ability to attach each half to your armrests, so you can do exactly that.

10. It's one of the best keyboards ever made!

 The Raise 2

If you prefer staggered keyboards and want to have all the improved features of the Defy, then without a shadow of a doubt, the Raise 2 is for you!

It's better than the original and one of the best keyboards ever made.

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