Which vertical mouse should I buy in 2023?

Which vertical mouse should I buy in 2023?

Today we're going to run tests with mice, no, we're not expanding into drugs, we're talking peripherals.

To be more specific, vertical mice. They are designed to prevent hand pronation, a topic we covered when discussing Tenting kits on keyboards.

Let's refresh the idea; When the palms of the hands are facing the table, the Ulna and the Radius cross, which causes extra pressure on the median nerve, manifest in pain and discomfort that can become chronic if not treated on time.

However, at first glance, we might not know if the shape of the mouse will fit us or if the buttons and wheel are as pleasant as we expected.

We'll evaluate any pros and cons of the model, not only from the perspective of building quality but also taking the grip, hand size, and budget as the most important criteria.

If you'd like a more in-depth look into these mice, we recommend you watch our video:


Bad grip for claw and palm due to a combination of factors. The recess in the inner part demands some counterbalance on the other side, which is not there. Hence, the hand slides out of the mouse.

The cork on the inside provides some grip, but overall, the shape is a deal-breaker.

Lenovo Go Vertical


Logitech has gone from cheap plasticky peripherals to a stylish, high-quality brand for the past fifteen years. They improved the materials and aesthetics of their models while maintaining quality sensors and receivers in their models.


This is one of the more popular models and the first to become "mainstream".

Its design is comfortable for most but optimal for none. The materials and buttons have higher quality than average mice; however, this is a mouse for people with big hands; smaller ones will have problems when gripping and reaching for some buttons, especially the thumb ones.

Logitech MX Vertical


The evolution and smaller version of the Mx vertical. The handler has a curve, making it feel more natural. The buttons are quieter than their predecessor, and the mouse is more comfortable for medium and small hands.

Logitech Lift


This brand was developed back in the 90s by an entrepreneur and focused on shape and ergonomics. Their models come in small, medium, and large sizes, which is a significant advantage in finding the optimal mouse.

Evoluent Mouse C

We tested models 4, C & D, and they all share some ordinary merit and flaw: Their shape is excellent, but the sensors, buttons, and materials don't perform to par.

Evoluent Model D

Per Luis' words, the glossy plastic is a "magnet for fingerprints," and the sensor might not be the best around to play FPS, but that's not what they were meant to be.

Evoluent Mouse 4

They intend to prevent pronation, and they do. The grip feels effortless; they fill the hand perfectly and have a small wing on the side to rest the pinkie, making them extra cozy.


They are on the more innovative and higher quality side of these brands. We have reviewed these two models for you.


Very aggressive design, maybe a bit too much. The fingers don't rest comfortably on the model, and the grip feels slightly off.

Average sensor and buttons but is slightly overpriced.

delux mv6


Another model with an innovative shape. It forces a unique grip and comes with a wrist rest that helps to understand how it functions.

The uniqueness makes this a very polarizing design, whether you love or hate it. Also, note that it's not suited for small hands. But don't worry; there are alternatives.

The sensors and buttons are average, but so is the price.



This is the gaming branch of Master Electronic Technology Co., a Chinese electronics manufacturer. They focus on gaming products but also on more innovative designs.


Similar to the M618, but better sized for mid and small hands. The execution is better, and the thumb buttons are more comfortable.

The grip is unique but feels more natural. This model also comes with a wrist rest that helps to keep the hand in place.

zelotes t-30


Suitable for palm and claw grip due to a very low-risk design in shape.

The innovative part is the joystick on top, which does not add very much, and the thumb buttons at the bottom of the mouse, which is actually more comfortable than other OEM models.

You can also purchase it without the joystick and wireless version.



The design could do with some improvements. The grip has a curve inwards in a spot where it should be outwards to fill the hand.

Due to the shape, it's impossible to use it with another grip than claw.



A pretty average model with a standard shape. It does not bring anything innovative, and learning to use it if you come from a normal mouse is easy.

You better use it with a palm grip and middle hands.

Luis had some personal issues with it, but better see for yourselves: (insert link to the video, should be around minute 24:30)



Dominique's Mouse, probably that's all you need to know.

Suitable for claw grip and small hands, or so she says. The buttons are not noisy, and the sensor works well.

The glossy material helps to make it durable, but at the same time, it does hold the dirt more than meets the eye.


So which is the best mouse for you?

If you want to go big and spend big, we recommend an Evoluent model or the Mx Vertical if you need an accurate sensor.

For smaller hands, the Lift wins by a landslide. It improves all the mistakes on the Mx Vertical.

If you're looking to make the most for your buck. The Zelotes C-18 is the safest option, and if you have small hands, Dominique recommends the J-Tech model, and she's used it for five years.

However, you won't get a real feel for the mouse just from this review, so we recommend trying a variety and returning the ones you weren't satisfied with.

If you already have an ergonomic mouse, but are looking for a keyboard, we recommend watching this video;

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