The Benefits of Keyboard Tenting

The Benefits of Keyboard Tenting

If you are still wondering if a tenting kit is right for you, you might want to carry on reading this article as we will talk about the importance of a tented keyboard, how it can improve your posture and your joints, and some of the common concerns regarding this topic.


Yes, this looks fresh, innovative, and modern, but what if I told you that this invention was conceptualized more than a hundred years ago?

The first patent of a split keyboard goes as far back as 1915.

Then in 1926, Dr. Klockenberg published the first studies, which proved that lateral inclination reduced tension in the forearm.

There was not much progress in that area until the 1970's when Dr. Kroemer conducted a series of studies to determine the optimal setup for office work.

One of them led to this picture:

Keyboard tenting study

It might seem a bit outdated, but it pretty much depicts the ideal ergonomic position.

Unfortunately, these experiments did not become the norm for future keyboards. Some manufacturers did develop ergonomic keyboards but it was a tough battle getting the ergonomic train going. You can learn more in this video:

The tenting kit is our effort to change that trend and make keyboards more ergonomic and comfortable for the users.

What problems do the tenting kit target?

Wrist pronation:

Pronation is the position of your hand with the palm facing down. This is the usual position of your hands when typing

The problem with this position comes in the wrist. When our palms are facing down, the bones in our arm (The Ulna and The Radius) squeeze the carpal tunnel, and that's where most of the tendons and nerves of our hands are.

When the pressure on the fluids in the tunnel increases, so does the possibility of suffering problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or ulnar deviation.

The tenting kit helps the user attain a more natural position, hence reducing the pressure on the Carpal tunnel and the chance of suffering a stress injury.

Wrist motion:

The pronated position is bad in itself, but it's even worse when you combine it with certain movements such as tilting the the wrist when we reach for the backspace or the enter key. 

The tenting kit helps with this issue. Since your arms are resting in a more natural position, it's much easier to keep the wrist still and use the elbow to move around the keyboard.

Dygma Raise tenting kit

Bad posture:

Any small change in the setup produces a ripple effect on all other parts of the workstation.

In this case, the tenting kit will relax your wrists. As a consequence, your arms will be moved apart, and your shoulder position will be better. The result will be an improved posture with your back straighter.

Don't disregard small improvements, in the long run, they can produce amazing benefits.


Debunking Myths

If the benefits of tenting have been proven, then why aren't keyboard tenting the norm?

Well, they raise some concerns. Let's take a look at the most common ones:

  • The learning curve might be too steep.
    Remember, you are not changing your layout, just readjusting your hands' position. Take one step at a time, start with the closest to neutral position and then move up until you reach the 40-degree limit.

  • Gaming is impossible with that hand position.
    When milliseconds matter, the tenting kit might seem like an issue, and you might think there's no way around it. Good for you the Dygma Raise Tenting Kit can be removed for gaming sessions. Besides, the 10-degree position is barely noticeable.

  • This could lead to another problem.
    Will I start stretching my finger to reach some keys? Will I change my posture and hurt my back while trying to save my wrist? No, since it's designed to attain a more natural position it will not only benefit your wrists but also the rest of your upper torso.

Oh, if you are doubting the durability of the kit, take a look at this video of Jose trying to show the breaking point of the tenting component. Spoiler, he fails (sorry Jose).

One final detail, the tenting kit of the Dygma Raise lifts the keyboard by 1cm. This might make you feel the need to lift your hands while typing. If this is the case, you might want to put some support for your elbows. On the other hand, if you have a standing desk, then typing on a tented keyboard would feel even more comfortable.

Dygma Raise ultimate tenting kit

Considering all of this, you'll need to adapt your workstation to your new tented keyboard.

The tenting kit has nothing but advantages. Your hands and wrists will thank you in the long run. Combine it with some healthy habits, you'll feel amazed by the results.

It's never too early to start upgrading your ergonomic setup, and the tenting kit is probably one of the most innovative pieces you can find.

Besides, it's going to look much cooler than your friend's keyboard. So, what are you waiting for?

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