How to adjust your setup for a tented keyboard

How to adjust your setup for a tented keyboard

Using a tented keyboard like the Dygma Defy or the Dygma Raise is not that complicated and helps a lot with ergonomics- which in turn, help with your health!

93% of our users that switch to a tented keyboard, feel less pain on their hands and shoulders. And 97% would never go back to a conventional keyboard.

However, tenting changes the position of your hands, so you'll also need to adjust your setup and the way you sit.

But why? And how exactly? Let's take a look -

Coordinate system

Now, imagine a coordinate system. The table would be the X-axis, your body the Y-axis, and the depth of the table the Z-axis.

Split keyboard axis

On conventional keyboards, you place your hands very close together, near the center of your body.

If you take a look at your index fingers, which we'll use as reference, they're almost at 0.0.

With split keyboards, your hands move in the X axis. This helps open your chest, push your shoulders back and keep your back straight.

Dominique sitting straight

But what happens when you start tenting your keyboard? Well, in this case, your hands rotate, and your index fingers move along the X & Y axis.

X and Y Axis


Let's go deeper into detail. First, let's consider the interactions with the Y-axis, as we said, your index fingers go up as you tent your keyboard. So the logical solution would be to rise with them.

Otherwise, we might find ourselves with our wrists way higher than our elbows, pressing our forearms against the table, which we really want to avoid.

Tented bad posture

Plus, a keyboard that's too high or too low can cause strain on your neck and shoulders.

So what's the solution you ask? Raise (no pun intended) your chair to ensure your elbows are close to a 90-degree angle.

If your legs are hanging, get a footrest.


If your chair isn't adjustable, -you could use a firm cushion-, but we recommend getting one that is.

The next option, probably one of the best, is a standing desk.

It is the best ergonomic investment you can make. After buying a Dygma keyboard, of course, 😉

Thanks to its adjustability, you can calibrate it centimeter by centimeter until you find the perfect setting.

standing desk for split keyboard use


Now, let's talk about the X-axis, as we pointed out before, when you use a tented keyboard, your hands also move up the X-axis. This enlarges the space between the halves of the keyboard, which also changes your posture.

To compensate for that, you have two options:

  1. Bring the halves closer together

  2. Tilt the halves inward

Tenting angles


Finally, let's consider the Z-axis.

Your position on the Z-axis also significantly impacts the height of your hands.

Try moving your keyboard up and down the table and see what feels more comfortable for you.

Do you prefer having space between your body and the desk, or are having your elbows resting on the table?

If you're sitting in a more "relaxed" state of being, please don't.

Slouching bad posture

Seriously, try a more ergonomic position by sitting upright, or you can also bring the tented keyboard closer to you, and lift your chair a bit.

But what about the mouse or any other accessories?

Well, if you put the keyboard halves closer, you'll squish your mouse.

Mouse squish Also, now that there's this tower of a keyboard, you might find yourself having trouble reaching for your mouse in the middle. Defy flip accident


One solution would be to put your mouse back on the right side. Now that both halves are closer, it's less of a reach than when using a flat split keyboard.

But you can also get creative and place your mouse or trackpad on an elevated surface between the halves.

Position alternatives

With these tips, you'll go from one "perflipisklup" per minute to typing as fast as always, but now in maximum comfort.

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