Mirrors for a great underglow and an update about ARM

Hi again!

As you all well know we always love giving you guys updates on the Raise keyboard. We’ll be posting weekly development updates just so everyone is informed with what is happening, not only with the keyboard, but also with our team!

Dygma continues to grow and expand!

Mirrors to Distribute the Underglow in the RAISE Keyboard

In our previous video, we talked about the light pipe idea using powerful side-mounted LEDs. We also found the optimum length of the canals to prevent the light from mixing too early, but allowing it to mix early enough around so we get a good blend.

But now we’re experimenting more with mirrors.

It was surprisingly good to see the even distribution of the light with the mirror. This means that we might not need to use side-mounted LEDs. We could use normal LEDs, like in the switches, and have the same effect.

The advantages of this would mean that it would be cheaper and easier, at least for our testings.

Matt’s Quick Update on the ARM Port Progress

We’ve been doing some really good progress with the ARM port using the SAMD21 chip.

It uses only 8% of the available program storage, which is excellent.

Moving forward, we still need to store the layers in the simulated EEPROM.

Ever wonder how sensors work to detect the keyboards’ connection?

Underneath the keyboard we have the Hall effect sensor which can detect magnets, and essentially detect whether the keyboards are plugged together or not. We will also have magnets on the joint, the piece that connects the split keyboard.

As always we appreciate your feedback and comments. They truly help us improve and allows us to give you the best service and product possible.






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