Closed beta progress

Apart from the slight delay because of the PCB assembly, we’ve been working on all planned this week and we are progressing as expected.

Mechanical prototype

We 3D printed, laser cut and tested the design we showed you in the last news update:

We’ve redesigned the adjustable thumb and wrist systems to make them easier to adjust and more solid. We’ve also reduced the dimensions of the wrist area, the distance between the top and bottom plate and modified the tilting system.

Basically we are are making everything more compact, robust and user friendly. During the following days we will build it to check everything is fine but for now, here you have some renders:


The Test PCBs arrived and had no issues:

We found a manufacturer that has a good price, fabricates the PCBs and assembles the SMT components in 2 weeks. We sent the designs last week, this means that we should receive them the 17th. If there are no delays, we will be able to assemble and ship them during the week of the 20th.

Our next steps:

  • Finish setting up the Discourse forum. When it’s done, all communication related with the closed beta will happen there.
  • Build the new mechanical design and test it. We are iterating multiple times per week.
  • Build one V5 with electronics and test everything works and feels fine.
  • Design the assembly line process.

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