5 Shortcut giveaways

After more than two weeks of hard work the 5 Shortcut giveaways have been built and shipped!

To be honest, building this 5 prototypes has been an intense experience. Even though we were going to build 5 prototypes like the one we announced in the website, we ended up doing a few changes:

  • Modified the internal structure and total dimensions to make it more robust
  • Resized the adjustable columns for functional and aesthetic purposes
  • Created new thumb cluster with two 4 way switches and a thumb cluster cover
  • Created a new wrist rest

The original prototype was fully designed by me (I’m not a skilled designer at all), what meant that many of the new upgrades required a ton of testing before implementation. Our assembly process went from being a mess to pretty good. We basically learnt how to design and build them better while doing.

The main issue was that this was the first time I built hardware and we didn’t had a proper specification sheet nor process hierarchy, something that is absolutely basic for any hardware project.

The difference in assembly time from the first to the last prototype was 4 extra hours and we ended up doing 6 prototypes instead of 5 because the first one wasn’t good enough. We paid the price of being inexperienced but learnt a ton and had fun! 

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