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Unlock your full potential

Improve your workflow and productivity with the state-of-the-art split ergonomic keyboard.

Whatever you do, The Raise does it too.

Gamers, coders, creators, and typists all enjoy the benefits of a split ergonomic keyboard like the Dygma Raise. Use only one half for gaming, split it and place your tablet in the middle, or even tent it during those long sessions for maximum comfort. The choice is yours.

Be more productive!

Re-map any key and create custom, quick-access layers to speed up your workflow. Re-locate high-frequency keys to the thumb cluster for maximum efficiency when using your split ergonomic keyboard.
10 layers
8 thumbkeys

Make it your own

No two of us are identical, so why should our split keyboards be all the same?

Our configurator software allows for almost any customization you can imagine. Make your split ergonomic keyboard your own with layers, macros, combo keys and much more thanks to its intuitive interface.

10 Layers
Remap any key
Combo Keys
Dual-function Keys
Mouse Control
10 Layers
Remap any key
Combo Keys
Dual-function Keys
Mouse Control

Light up the way

Make your keyboard look the part and improve your productivity by highlighting specific keys.

The underglow of the Raise and the backlight of each key are fully customizable.

Delight in an engineering marvel

The Dygma Raise is a high-end ergonomic split keyboard built to endure your long gaming or working sessions. With a 2 year warranty and full rights to repair.

Satisfying magnetic joint


Double-coated aluminum body


Hot-swappable switches


Removable & washable palm pads


Individually functional sides


Unique RGB LED pipe design


PTB double shot keycaps


Braided USB C cables

Reach the ultimate comfort

Tenting your split ergonomic keyboard reduces hand pronation, improving your comfort and making it easier to keep your back straight. The Dygma Raise has an optional tenting kit that reaches up to 40º for ultimate ergonomics.

Travel in style

Every Dygma Raise has a luxurious travel case where you can safely carry your ergonomic split keyboard and cables. Type in comfort all around the world!

Available in Black and Silver


Switch it up

Enjoy the perfect experience, even if your taste and preferences change with time.

The Dygma Raise is a hot-swappable split ergonomic keyboard, so you can easily replace your switches whenever you want.

Dygma Raise dimensions
Dygma Raise dimensions
Dygma Raise dimensions
64 (ANSI) / 65 (ISO) mechanical switches and 4x low-profile mechanical switches.
Hot-swap Sockets
64 (ANSI) / 65 (ISO) hot-swap sockets for Mx switches and 4x Kailh hot-swap sockets for Choc switches.
68 (ANSI) / 69 (ISO) Customizable RGB LEDs on the keycaps and 60 LEDs for the underglow.
NKRO. No matter how many keys you want to smash at once, any keypress will be recorded.
PBT double-shot keycaps for English US and UK, and high-end laser-etched ABS OEM profile keycaps for dash and non-English languages.
Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux & Android
Key plate
Annodized aluminum
Keyscanner Microcontroller
Atmel ATtiny88
LEDs Microcontroller
Sonix Sled 1735
Neuron Microcontroller
Atmel ATSAMD21G18
315.63 mm x 201.76 mm x 33.6 mm.
895 g
Dygma Raise Keyboard

Dygma Raise Keyboard

Valued at $29
Enhancement kit
1x Keycap and switch puller
140x O-rings (Thick & Thin)
8x Test switches
1x Microfiber cloth
1x Crap remover

Enhancement kit

Valued at $59
Travel Case - Open
Travel Case - Black

Travel Case



Valued at $35
Set of Palm Pads

Set of Palm Pads

1x 1.5m USB-A to USB-C Cable
1x 50cm USB-C to USB-C Cable
2x 20cm USB-C to USB-C Cable


FAQs 07

Yes. The Dygma raise is hot-swappable, meaning you can use any 3-pin or 5-pin switch with an MX stem (which are most of them).
Yes, you can. The software is only required to make changes to the layout. Once those are made, they are stored in the Neuron, that way you can enjoy them in any computer you use.
Yes, our configurator software is compatible with macOS, Linux and even Windows.
Yes. The carrying case can hold the Raise even with the tenting kit installed. While inside the case, the first row of keys will remain slightly pressed, but this doesn't affect the keyboard or the switches.
Yes, you can. Just make sure that they are MX stem compatible (most of them are). However, note that the Dygma Raise thumbkeys are custom-made, so most sets won't include a replacement for those.
Yes. You're free to do it and we actually encourage you to do it! Please check our disassembly guide
The palm pads are made of self-adhesive silicone with a vegan leather cover. It's safe to remove and clean them with water. Here's a video with detailed instructions.

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