Top tech desk gadgets to look out for in 2024

Top tech gadgets in 2024

What are those top tech desk gadgets in 2024 that you cannot miss from your setup? An ergonomic keyboard is a must-have for sure, but there are many other peripherals that can greatly impact your performance and well-being.

For the record, we have no affiliation with any of the following products; we just thought they're pretty cool and deserve a share.

Insta360 Link Webcam

This AI-powered webcam executes on a whole new level.

Insta360 Link

With crystal clear 4K, intelligent noise canceling, and standout HDR, meetings and presentations develop a far sleeker and more professional edge.

The AI tracking algorithm keeps every movement in the shot while allowing various presentation modes such as; DeskView mode, Whiteboard mode, Overhead mode, and Portrait mode.

It also uses something called Phase Detection Auto Focus, which keeps the video flow looking super natural.

Insta360 with 3-axis gimbal

Quite possibly, the best feature is the ease of controlling various modes with simple hand gestures, like live tracking, zooming in and out, and whiteboard mode.

The Insta360 Link starts at about 250 dollars, which is certainly on the pricier side of webcams. But we felt that this product deserved a little spotlight for its innovation.

Here's more information about the Insta360 Link.

YOFHO Prisma 3-in-1 Desk Space Saver

If you're a fan of clutter-free desks, the YOFHO Prisma is definitely worth checking out.

YOFHO space saver

It serves as a desktop organizer, which allows you to keep all of your desktop essentials in one space while giving you the freedom to arrange all compartments however you see fit.

It offers wireless 15w charging in both portrait and landscape modes, and it also comes with an awesome little detachable multitasking hub with USB 2, 3, Type C, SD card, and HDMI ports built in!

YOFHO with multitasking hub

You can find this space saver for 149 dollars.

We also wanted to introduce something less pricy among these desktop tech gadgets, so let's check the third product.

1MORE SonoFlow wireless headphones

At 1MORE, they offer crazy high-resolution audio quality that can compete with big names such as Sony and Bose, along with an ultra-wide frequency response range that reaches up to 40kHz.

1MORE headphone

They also take outside noise interruption seriously by using QuietMax Hybrid Noise Cancellation while simultaneously using AI-powered voice recognition to extract and amplify your voice during calls.

The switchable Transparency Mode allows you to enjoy music without losing awareness of potential dangers nearby.

1MORE headset with DLC Dynamic Driver

However, our favorite feature is the battery life. With active noise cancellation on, the 1MORE SonoFlow wireless headphones can provide 50 hours of battery life. Whereas, with active noise cancellation off, you can expect 70 hours of continuous playback on a single charge.

They come in 3 available colors and are currently selling at 63.99 on their US-based website.

They’re also partnered with the Eden Reforestation Projects, so every purchase will contribute towards the fight against climate change, which is a bonus we must mention.

For more details, visit their webpage.

1MORE Eden reforestation project

Our fourth product is a highly-talked-about next-gen keyboard...Can you find out which one?

The Dygma Raise 2

Surprise - or not, it's our latest keyboard, the Raise 2. With its split design, fully integrated tenting, and reverse tilting, it is a true ergonomic dream.

Dygma Raise 2

At Dygma, our ultimate goal is to improve the posture, comfort, and well-being of every gamer, coder, and typist out there.

But it's not all about having awesome posture, right?

Performance-wise, being able to customize every key – even the special 8-key thumb cluster – enhances workflows and boosts productivity.

Creating multiple layers can be done at the click of a button by using their easy-to-use software, Bazecor. Every single key has a customizable per-key RGBW LED, giving this keyboard that aesthetic edge.

Fully programmable Raise 2

Pogo pins are also included, so it's expansion-ready for future ideas.

If you're not a huge fan of wires, you'll appreciate the Raise 2's full wireless functionality, too. Connectable to multiple devices via Bluetooth or RF for competitive low latency.

In case you'd like to be one of the first to get your hands on the Dygma Raise 2, pre-reserve it now and enjoy all the benefits our early birds get: a free add-on of your choice and free shipping, which means over $200 savings in total.

But if you feel you'd like to dive head-first into the world of ergonomic keyboards while taking advantage of a more columnar key layout and permanent-split design, you may want to check out the Dygma Defy keyboard instead.

Dygma Defy

Its 16-key thumb cluster is crafted for high-performers and is designed to mimic the natural position of your hands.

The Dygma Defy includes all of the previously mentioned features of the Dygma Raise 2 and is available for shipping right now!

Future Eternal City Wireless Charger by AOHI

Future Eternal City Wireless Charger by AOHI

This desktop wireless charging station comes in three main segments:

  • The Star Ring - which is a 360 wireless charger
  • The Curvature Falcon - which is 2-in-1, a wireless charger and a portable magnetic power bank
  • The Eternal City - which is the wireless charger base

The Eternal City by AOHI

The rotational stand allows you to stream or attend calls while fast-charging, and we clearly like things that light up 💡

Rotational stand

It comes in a premium gift box ready for self-assembly like you're building your own sci-fi desktop charging space station - super fun.

The Future Eternal City Wireless Charger is available for 149 dollars, but we believe their website currently has an offer running, so check that out!

Our final desktop gadget is something we haven't ever talked about. However, a lot of new research is being conducted to show the importance of a small thing called air quality.

The Renew Air Purifier by Airthings

Did you know that your workspace's air quality can significantly impact your cognitive functions? This includes response times, the ability to focus, memory performance, and, consequently, overall mental productivity.

We tend to blame brain fog on a lack of sleep, boredom, or hunger - but we're not really bringing up the topic of the air we breathe.

Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

Even though the Renew Air Purifier by Airthings isn't necessarily a desktop gadget, we're certain it will positively affect everything you do at your desk.

It has a 4-stage filtration system. Besides trapping fine dust, smoke particles, pollen, and pet dander, it also captures and traps gases and odors.


By connecting it to their Airthings app, you'll see an interactive graph showing your air quality. When you set it to Auto mode, their high-precision laser-based particle sensor continuously tests your air quality and adjusts the fan speed automatically to clean your air.

You can pre-order it now for $399, and it's expected to ship in March 2024. Although it's an expensive gadget, we believe it’s worth a check.

So there you have it - the top tech gadgets for 2024 that deserve a prime spot on your desk. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just diving into the tech game, these tools will elevate your workspace experience. Happy tech-ing!

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