TechNoMyths - Let's debunk 5 widespread misconceptions of the tech world

Debunking 5 common tech myths

Today, we're putting on our myth-busting gloves to tackle some common tech myths: let's call them TechNoMyths.

Join us as we debunk five widespread misconceptions of the tech world - or, who knows, some of them may be based on truth.

Nº1: WiFi can pass through all doors

Although WiFi can pass freely through most common household doors, the same cannot be said for doors made from solid wood, concrete, metal, or doors with a foam core.

Doors and wifi

The signal strength can be weakened to a noticeable level and can even be reflected entirely by steel doors. So keep that in mind when jumping into your upcoming virtual meeting.

Nº2: Unplugging a USB abruptly won't harm files

We all know the feeling of being in a slight rush. You just wanna grab your USB and get out of there.

And while it's good to know that abruptly unplugging your USB device is mostly harmless, you can still do some damage. Especially if background processes or data transfers are in the works.

USB and data damage

Modern operating systems have included certain 'quick removal' processes, but this only reduces the risk and doesn't eliminate it entirely. It's best to have a little patience and remove every USB device safely, especially if you're not certain of the specific settings on your system or if you have sensitive data on your USB drive.

Nº3: Modern batteries left charging will cause permanent damage

This one is a little tricky - but not a complete myth.

Lithium-ion batteries, which are used in most smartphones or, more importantly, in our wireless keyboards, have a finite number of charge cycles while maintaining full health. This can fall anywhere between 800 and 1000 full charges, after which the battery's charge capacity diminishes. This is known as calendar degradation.

Phone charging

However, the majority of modern phones... and more importantly, the Raise 2, comes with a protection circuit or a Battery Monitoring System within the battery that prevents further current from flowing once a full charge has been reached. This smart chip protects the battery from an overcurrent, thus increasing the overall battery health.

The best thing to do here is charge your phone when it still has a State of Charge of 15% or higher. This will make the charging rate slower despite the maximum rate provided by the charger.

Raise 2 and charging

But this doesn't apply to the Dygma keyboards because the operating current rates of our charger are far from the maximum current value of the batteries. This means that even at full charging rate, the battery will be safe and last!

Nº4: Incognito mode hides your web activity

Although going incognito does offer a higher level of privacy over the standard browsing mode, it does not make your online activities entirely private.

Incognito mode

Websites can still use cookies to track your activity, and your Internet Service Provider (or ISP) as well as your network administrators, can still see which websites you visit. For instance, if going incognito at work or school, the network administrator can still monitor your online activities.

For those looking for a more robust way of boosting their online privacy, combining incognito mode with a VPN may be your best bet.

Using VPN

Nº5: Using a split keyboard makes you forget how to type on a standard keyboard

This TechNoMyth is something we've been hearing far too much of lately. But is it true?

You know, just in the same way, learning to drive a car makes you forget how to ride a bike. Or, like learning French, it makes you forget how to speak English.

Typing on the Raise 2

Learning to type on a split ergonomic keyboard, such as The Dygma Raise 2, only adds to your ever-growing repertoire of skills. You'll probably find that it increases your ability to switch back and forth between the two keyboards. The ability to re-map any key and create custom, quick-access layers will only boost your workflow, while re-locating frequently used keys to the thumb cluster will help maximize your efficiency.

Not to mention the physical benefits of improving your overall typing or gaming posture. Learn more about the awesome benefits of using a split ergonomic keyboard, like the Raise 2:

We plan to launch the Raise 2 pre-sales very soon. So be sure to subscribe to the mailing list because only the people who are on this list will be notified of the presale and... special offers.

If you feel we've left out some tech myths or have any questions about the Raise 2, Dygma, or the meaning of life itself, please let us know and ask us on Discord.

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