Keycap Materials: A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Keycaps for your Keyboard

Keycap Materials: A Complete Guide to Choose the Best Keycaps for your Keyboard

When buying a new set of keycaps for your keyboard, there are several crucial factors to consider: the profile, color, layout, legends, and, of course, the material. In this comprehensive review, we will take a closer look at various keycap materials, including ceramic, metal, POM, rubber, and wood, to help you make an informed decision.

Ceramic Keycaps

Ceramic keycaps have gained popularity for their unique appearance and premium build quality. Made from alumina ceramic, these keycaps are resistant to impact and do not rust or degrade easily. Let's dive into their characteristics:

  • Build Quality: Made of alumina ceramic, resistant to impact, no rust or degradation.
  • Texture: Surface is a fingerprint magnet, requires regular cleaning.
  • Weight: Thick keys, 1.5 to 2 mm walls, heavy (4g for alphas, 22g for large spacebar).
  • Stem Holder: Ceramic stem holder is stiff, making some keys harder to install.
  • Legend and Lighting: Clear and durable legends with precise lettering, no shine-through.
  • Feel: Colder to the touch, warms up after use, good grip, performs better with certain switches.
  • Sound: Excellent sound quality, among the best performers due to thickness and weight.

Ideal for enthusiasts seeking a premium and aesthetically stunning keyboard experience. Perfect for those who appreciate durable and impact-resistant keycaps with excellent sound quality.

Metal Keycaps: A Novelty Fun with Unique Sound

Metal Keycaps

Metal keycaps, made from stainless steel, provide an intriguing and robust option for keyboard customization. Let's explore their features:

  • Build Quality: Made of stainless steel, metal stem holder, recommended to keep rubber cushion.
  • Legend and Lighting: Engraved legends that never fade; metal reflects light.
  • Feel: Engraved legends alter surface, keycaps have sharp edges, slightly slippery texture.
  • Sound: Produces a distinct pingy noise due to metal construction.

A must-try for adventurous users looking to stand out with a keyboard that makes a bold statement. Great for individuals who love the pingy and distinct sound of metal keycaps.

POM Keycaps: Performance and Versatility in One

POM Keycaps

POM keycaps are known for their density and versatility. Let's examine their qualities:

  • Build Quality: Made of dense POM plastic, easy to install and remove.
  • Legend and Lighting: Translucent, allows backlighting to shine through, no legends.
  • Feel: Similar to PBT but softer and slightly more slippery.
  • Sound: Among the best-sounding plastic keycaps.

Recommended for users who prioritize versatility and performance. Great for those who desire a softer feel without compromising on sound quality.

Rubber Keycaps: Unique Grip and Sound Dampening

Rubber Keycaps

Rubber keycaps stand out for their unique grip and sound-dampening properties. Let's discover their attributes:

  • Build Quality: Made with transparent ABS and textured rubber cover.
  • Legend and Lighting: Clean and durable legends, poor shine-through due to rubber coating.
  • Feel: Strong grip, not the most comfortable for extended typing.
  • Sound: Dampens high-pitched sounds, has a unique sound profile.

Ideal for gamers and typists who value a strong grip and seek a quieter typing experience. Perfect for those looking to dampen high-pitched sounds.

Wood Veneer Keycaps: Aesthetic Appeal with Surprising Quality

Wood Keycaps

While wood keycaps may seem like a luxurious choice, they often come with a plastic base coated in wood veneer. Let's explore their features:

  • Build Quality: Double-layered plastic with wood veneer on top, well-built with 1.5mm walls.
  • Legend and Lighting: Good shine-through, crisp legends.
  • Feel: Grainier texture, comfortable grip, decent quality.
  • Sound: Among the best-performing plastic keycaps.

For keyboard enthusiasts who appreciate aesthetics and want to add a touch of luxury to their setup. Suitable for users seeking a grainier texture and decent sound performance in a plastic keycap.


Choosing the perfect keycaps for your keyboard involves considering various factors such as material, build quality, texture, and sound performance. Each type of keycap material brings its own distinct qualities, so the final decision depends on your personal preferences and requirements.

With this comprehensive review, we hope you can find the ideal keycaps that enhance your typing pleasure. Happy keyboarding!

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